Thursday, 11 October 2007

Update 6 - new peak but rubbish night 5v5

so did some more 5v5, got some good games in and peaked at around 2175, then had this low rated team who got wise to our strat and we got big point losses from them


we'd take the priest out first so it was 4v5, but always ended up losing our pala right after, first time we won by taking priest down early then focusing on pala while we cc some dps, they got wise to it though and after that we always ended up losing our pala, and then the game, even if we tried to keep cc'd after we took down priest

really bad night ended at around 2102

lost like 20-25 points for 3 games to them, all that time spent and hard work, then won one back was like +3..

Oh yeah, im playing fire based elemental for arena (frost is op, but i prefer this playstyle)


Archmage said...

Maybe i am not reading close enough but what is ur new spec? Did you stay deep fire or go elemental or frost?


Drifting said...


Archmage said...

ahh ok thx for the reply man :)