Friday, 12 October 2007

Update 7 & 8

Horrible horrible night for arena, we swapped shaman as ours was offline, i don't even want to elaborate on this, one of most depressing and morale losing nights in arena thus far, hopefully we will be back tho

edit: Ok I'll elaborate now, we did many 5v5's yesterday, but we swapped Warcryer (Shaman) with Ccpl (also Shaman) We didnt have any support heals on Syvaala so we gathered it was due to lack of healing on the shamans half, others also noted this, we carried on out of frustration though, fair enough we probably ended the night with much more wins than losses, but ANY win we'd get would be no more than 8 points, and any losses were constant 20's, perhaps I should make a new movie titled "How to go from 2200 to 1900 in under 1 hour" - But due to the nature of our play and the non-cowardly/senseless mindstate we were in we carried on for the fun aspects of the game, even if it meant putting all our points at risk.

Clearly it just wasnt working out with this shaman in our setup for this night. In my opinion a team with 3 DPS, 1 luster/hybrid (but IMO he wasnt playing hybrid moreso a pure dps tank) and one pure healer is alot more riskier at higher rated games than a 'outlast' team. For a team with dual or tri healers is a LOT easier to maintain a high rated standing, especially if everyone is maxed out at the res-cap

Either way I hope to get the rating back up, I don't know if it will be tonight, tomorrow or the day after as I was planning on going out to Manchester tonight

BTW. if anyone wants Vashj gold let me know through PM, i'm also thinking of having a competition giveaway of 1k Gold to any Vashj user who visits any of the affiliates through the sponsors at the top of the page, so feel free to spread the word


Fyreign-Elune (US) said...

We Request MOAR MOVIES!!

chi said...

4dps is hard?