Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Update 5 (2150) - Huge progress, 1 night only?

In a little over 2 weeks, we managed to climb quite substancialy, probably the greatest gaining in 5v5 on vashj at this moment in time, we went from 1888 at the start of the week to 2150 today, still considering playing a few more games.

We had some vs heavy dps teams, and some vs survival teams, so far so good, really nice playing and targeting since we've been using Tankster (Warr) and Jorl (Mage) instead of lock. I don't want to kick the lock out of the team, I might get him 30% if he stays, otherwise i'll see how it goes. But the bottom line is his class/build just dosent work for our setup style

It could all still go pearshaped from here. Its mostly about coordination and knowing when to stop playing/call it for the night. Anyone who tells you arena is the apitomy of skill in WoW is extremely mislead and needs their head checking. You can try and push it to make it a huge e-sport thing, but like I said, theres only a certain skill level one can play at in an MMO restricted by global CD's and stone scissors paper combinations.

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