Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Update 4 - New Peak (2109) ended 2089

Today our old warrior was PvEing like a mofo, so I took one of my old compadres whom I did some oldschool HWL grinding for the second time with back in the day into the team (Tankster) the original warrior who isnt a fake warrior/pala (i.e zaphio/syvaala) - Definetly a cool guy to arena with, my gut instincts always win when it comes to making teams

We got snipes team twice, along with elftear. think we went 2-1 or 3-1 vs them, was expecting to do worse but we had a good night. With tankster instead of Zaphio it was still the same setup, vs Mage/Priest/Shaman/War/Pala, we snatched some nice rating points from them, mostly focusing the shaman early on, or having one on the priest ccing or harassing to avoid mana burns on our pala (cost us 1 game of the 2-3) but subject to change depending on the game really

Some others we had a war/war/pala/pala/shaman, I thought it would get ugly if the shaman was able to stay up but fortunatly we managed to burst it down and cc between warrs/palas without too much drama

Didnt really get any heavy dps casters, infact no locks or shadowpriests in the nights games, I think 1 lock that was it - after getting 2109 I went 1 game too many and we lost to war/war/priest/pala/lock, wont reveal the main downfall but it was silly mistake, or weakness lets say :p

I'd have liked to have Hysteria in our team too, real cool priest ive known for a while too, really nice also, looking for potential that would be up for coming to another realm with me too (Various reasons but it'd be a 3month thing if I decided to do it)

I'm going under another alias that i'd not like to announce publicly, maybe some people know it already, but we'll see. I rarely see names I know from Vashj alliance in arena these days, would be good to face something I know, all i've seen thus far is malachim's team


Starcrusher said...

gogogogogogo you guys can do it

B said...

nice you got tankster, thats one nice player both in skill and social