Monday, 8 October 2007

Update 3 (5v5 only from now on)

Played another 10-15 games today was ok, into second week and rating is doing ok at the moment, 2030 is a nice gain from yesterday, peaked at 2060 but had some crappy non-focused games towards the end

Started playing as Mage/Mage/War/Pala/Shaman setup usually works nicely, won a few games then had lag problems with the warrior, at this point we had played maybe around 10 games, losing mortal strike is a big no no imo, we had to switch him with the lock towards the end, so Mage/Mage/Lock/Pala/Shaman we won some we lost some, I had lag issues during one game aswell, end result was a modest 2030, i'll take that though.

We had lengthy fight vs lame HoT druid and a Affl Lock vs an oom mage/mage and pala, took a while and was very annoying, didnt lose anything in the end though.

I was going to carry on but Pala decided to call it for the night, so maybe risk some games before the reset tomorrow if i can be bothered


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Anonymous said...

Your setup is gay. We will fuck you up next time though :P

// Snipe

Anonymous said...

aha ;) gick la sådär :p