Monday, 8 October 2007

Update 2

Yesterday we decided to have some more 5on5 games. We have been playing a Lock/Mage/War/Pala/Shaman nuke lust setup style, we've had many games the last 2 weeks, i'd say a good 100 or so, yesterday we decided to go with a second mage (Jorl) instead of the lock, it worked very nicely, we got 2030 on the second week, considering the goal was 2k originally and we met that very quick i'd say expectations have been made, very optimistically there is lots of input from the other players and they are excited to play more, i'd like to take the team to another realm for a few months and get my name back but for the time being i'll leave it.

We had to get Jorl to 30% played so we couldnt call it on 2030, we ended up 1998ish but i'd still consider it a success despite this minor setback, possibly more games tonight!

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