Monday, 1 October 2007

For the record, update Oct 2007

I'm a bit confused, really! - Again, I can't decide what im doing. After being here a week or two my char is back and im starting to feel comfortable with it, but I can't decide if i'm going to transfer it off the realm and get a name I am more happy with and then bring it back to Vashj in the longrun. Honestly though, is it worth it? Well the name means a lot to me, and i'd be able to get it back in time for the next XP, my teams coming along good though and I believe we could maintain 2k rating minimum if we stuck to Vashj (fyi it is pure piss around team and we have some les than ideal-kit for arena). My pala syvaala has just came back to Vashj from my own persuasion though so it would be a real bitch if I leave him all of a sudden (though I have no doubts he'd get into another one within a few days even if I did)

My lock would be willing to go to another realm with me if I went and made the move, still havent decided yet tho.

For the record UD is still sweet as ever, even though i've been out of the game a month or two the racial is pure sick (in a good way) - I was considering rerolling BE since the racial can be used in more situations than WOTF. although its not as signigicant as WOTF. Either way, I can't be arsed releveling and i'm back on undead, but it was a nice idea while it lasted :)

I mentioned about killing the IF king again yesterday, smaller raids are definetly better for doing this kinda thing, though I wouldve preffered going to IF bank and just zerging some randomers and peeps i'd seen in the past, we ended up going king anyway. Reason smaller groups is better is because less NPC spam spawnage. When you have 200-300 man the npc spawn is just too insane and laggy to do anything. Killing king was fun anyways, even tho personally I think more satisfaction from killing allies

wtf is with gnomes using AP and arcane blast spamming? Its rather gay...

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Archmage said...

dude dont roll BE!!!


BE r kinda fruity if u know what i mean