Sunday, 30 September 2007

Gave in to it again!

Back again!

Ok so I started playing again. After a bit of a break I came back to Vashj and started playing in bg's, arenas and talking to some old friends again. My mage is currently under a different alias, I can't decide if I should change realm in future to get it renamed to Drifting as I like the name. Then again its nice to have the change and noone else whisper spam you, I started gaining BG honor and arena honor again, along with an arena team thats close to 1900 after 2 days. We don't play seriously since we arent bothered about having 5 on ventrillo, random tactics etc, but it works nicely and i'm finding that alot more funner than a serious setup, so i'll see how that goes.

I also decided to get together an IF raid tonight, we killed the king which was rather nice, then messed around for a bit in IF randomly killing people/dying to guards, was kinda fun. Thanks to all who came :)


Nevz said...

Nice to see you back =)

Morian said...

Everyone just knew you would be back

Anonymous said...

Hey good to see you back!

IF raid eh? sounds sooo fun! :)

Good luck in future