Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Small update, Arena, UI, Movies

I've been updating my UI somewhat. I kind of gave it a break for a bit to get the itch to start compilating another one, I've got some artwork i've done that I was quite happy with for the UI, although i'm not 100% as to wether i'm going to use it or not, I've put a lot of work into it and wouldn't want it to go to waste. At the same time i don't want to just start getting footage and then rushing movies, i'd like to take my time with it now, if I make something I definetly want quality over quantity. Putting out movie after movie on a monthly basis would be pointless and overexposing yourself, I like to give people some time between releasing material, I never understood why people liked Taco's movies, they're completely the opporsite of what I like, and movie whoreing 7 movies in the space of 8 months is a complete abuse of your own privelages IMO. Theres a borderline with my train of thought, i'm a perfectionist, but at the same time I can't wait to start getting footage, usually when I start a movie I can't spend more than a few weeks on it, but I know going that extra mile is better in the longrun, its just down to patience and perseveerance

If I make another movie I want to take my time, never do I want to put out 8 movies in 8 months, like i said, quality over quantity.

With regards to Arena, its been damn frustrating because I know my team is easily capable of getting 2200, its just we havent been able to get everyone online at the same time, and the one time we did, Yrly had lag issues and wasnt able to get consistent performance ping-wise, so we couldnt go. hopefully we can go tonight and get some games going, if we do I know something good can happen, i'm feeling a great vibe in this team at the moment!

As i'm writing this post on a lunchbreak, i'm rushed and can't spend that long, though like I say, I want to start the ball rolling with some footage and arena tonight, wish me luck!


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good luck!

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n pic on ur new UI imo!!