Sunday, 8 July 2007

5v5 second night of play, more progress!

Finally we got going in our 5v5. I narrowed down our team to 6 players, one of which has still not played, he's just a benchwarmer encase we need him. Anyway, the paladin FINALLY finished raiding tonight so we could get into some games. So we played against several combinations in our 5v5 setup tonight, had some heavy 4dps team opponents, we got some scrubs and some okish teams, pala/priest/war/war/mage setup was tought, we won though, also got some 4dps who nuked one of our warriors early.

We took the route of the warrior they were nuking going heavy shadow res, it actually worked a charm, they had shadowpriest and lock that had nice dps, some res on Frein and they stupidly decided to carry on keeping him as their main target, Yrly stayed back and frein took the nuke, we kept him up through it nicely and focused down targets while cc'ing another / counterspelling. All in all a good nick, 1935 with a few games played, hopefully we can improve on this for the next week

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