Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Blizz, please fix Blastwave animation

Now it looks like what it would when you have spell level detail set to minimum, but only globally, this is quite a drastic change made, IMO

Takes away even more of the pewpew factor, except visually now, too

It might seem like a minor change to anyone who dosent play the class or isnt concerned with the visual aspects, but to a longterm mage or firemage the animations are blatantly awfull looking now compared to the way it used to be, a total DISPLEASURE to cast now, see below if you arent fire specced or w/e

How would you feel if you were an artist, in the middle of painting a picture of the sea-side, and half way through the painting, you got stripped of your blue paint? well this is the closest analogy I could come up with :)

I'm hoping it is actually a bug due to the warlock spell, since the radius isnt anywhere near what it should be

edit: I'm still really saddened about this, and the fact such an unnecessary change can make such a big impact on the 'feel' of the class, for me at least, could do with more people posting here to get some attention, if you have anyone else who feels the same please get them to post, too!

Its not just the fact that it visually looks unappealing to me now, I feel its also a big hit for any movies that fire/elemental specced mages or even AP Fire mages are planning to make, its gone from looking true-fireish to looking like a small circular radius of sand/dust being cast, please can any blizz guy who is even remotely paying attention take notice of this, I've not had the urge to log in till it gets changed back, its one of my main tools thats been mutilated to look visually mockable, its not like there was much other coolfactors I got out of playing this game left, I get my buzz out of movie making, and making this change, for me personally, is the worst hit since they temporarily put CS on global CD, this time its visual I know, but it feels the same

The more people to bump this the better, even if you are only partially concerned, or care but haven't posted anything, post to express your interest, the more interest the more chance of getting some attention and someone actually doing something about it

Some people seem to think it might be a “bug”, but I really don't see why it would be, as its on a different animation to pretty much every other spell, it would almost definitely be intentional unless theres something weird I haven't taken into consideration

Could we have word from blizz as to whether it is actually deliberate or not? If it is deliberate, then please consider changing it back, as its like I said, its gone from being a pleasure to cast to an annoying little sand ball

You can call me sad, or overdramatic, I don't care, as someone who records footage I want my tools to look as they were intended to look, I was getting excited about making something new, but since patch came I've actually not had the urge to login for the last 2 days

PS. don't you think it would be a good idea to make an improvement on the way your spells look, instead of 'optimizing them for performance' or whatever the intended fix was, you don't need to show the true radius of a blastwave by making it look awfull, the spells been here for 3 years already, I think people are going to know the radius of the spell by now without you having to nerf the looks of the spell animations

You need to take into consideration the concequences of your actions, what might be a 2 minute 'bright idea' by a blizz dev is actually effecting a huge part of what a core mage player spends a huge majority of his or her time doing, if i'm going to spend hours upon hours in this grind-like game, atleast make it a pleasure to play with the tools we have available to us!!

comparison here

join the 'debate' here


Artanias EU said...

fucking agreed....

Tea said...

Awww darn that was my fav mage animation! :[

Oozo said...

IMO, all mage armor should be tinted pink as well.

Chidorii said...

you don't suspect this may be a bug along with one of the other millions of new bugs?

PS1. Looks better now anyway
PS2. Saying "scrub" is gay

Drifting said...

oozo, make them fix it! :[

Anonymous said...

My main is firemage too but this isn't even close to what they did to my shoulders :( ... can't even start frapsing till they have fixed them(bastards!).

- Hokan