Saturday, 7 July 2007

Making it big in WoW, Esport vs Movies

It kind of pains me inside to see someone of Mings status getting such extreme hits and traffic on his website, I'm not saying I deserve more publicity or fame than that, but set aside his most recent movie (that was largely due to his heavy publicity through his website) he's never had a movie since that one do bigger numbers than 60k, ironically his biggest movie was not of himself, but when he uploaded Corrupts video through his WCM acc, which got 110k. Ofcourse numbers arent everything, but its a nice indication for recognition. He's taking the idea of making WoW into an E-Sport to the extreme and stepping it up a notch, something no one else has done yet. I don't disagree with this, i'm in favor of pushing a game we play and care so much for, he's got a talent for making medicore news sound like extremely exciting and fresh news, it generates huge interest and compels people to read it, I could never pinpoint any specific areas about the way he writes to say "Wow, thats what makes him interesting", but theres definetly something there that generates interest. He was never the best of players, but what he writes is always on par and usually makes good sense and has good logic behind it.

What it takes is determination and enthusiasm, I share the same drive but i'm very new on scene, maybe one day I can generate as much interest as him, I have made bigger movies than he has. I'm not going to rush this though. If I had made my movie and taken more time with it, I could have generated huge interest through mentioning this website through my credits, unfortunatly I only thought of this idea AFTER the movie was published, and I don't want to put a movie out just for the sake of generating more interest to the site. I'm sure theres many different techniques to how people like Ming get to where they are, like getting high on Google and having people like Amped to back you up. I won't limit myself or say I can't do anything anymore, to see where I started from on WCM to where I came i'd never have dreamed of making it to that place had you asked me 2-3 years ago, so the skys the limit.


Hova said...

Hey Drifting,

I share the same "feeling" as you. I sometimes wonder how I could have done things myself to help the WoW community. I believe you have potential, and it's never too late to start. You did make bigger (and better) movies, and I hope more are to come.

As for Ming... well, it's like Drakedog, Dacke, Eryx, Azgaz, etc., if you think about it. And all those other "known names" from the WoW world... they were the first to get their "image" and "word" out, through movies or just through the community. Therefor, most are still known today.

I have a few ideas if you want to chat. PM me on IRC. (Hova) ;)

Los said...

Or Aedak/Rank. Really poor warrior who only won against undergeared people. He got himself big name too, tho he got crushed on WoW-forums but name still 'lives'.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you do to get your name up. You just need to be at right spot at right time.

Oozo said...

Well bro, a lot of this comes down to whether you are willing to shamelessly sell yourself. A lot of people are not comfortable doing that.

Of course, actively selling yourself will bring you both fans and haters (like Ming).

Personally, I don't like self-promoters and I would find it very uncomfortable to do it myself.

And that is what holds a lot of poeple back because unfortunately this society doesn't reward deserving people who remain quiet. It instead rewards undeserving people who make a lot of noise.

And that's it for your bitter Oozo message of the day.

Chidorii said...

I agree oozo. I would not feel comfortable with that kind of shameless self promotion.

Anonymous said...

Your movies were very sub par, like his.

Hams said...

It's not really that people respect or like Ming's personality... he's easy to be hated and, unfortunately, hits are hits whether youre flaming him or not. It's a flawed reward system, but the real enthusiasts recognize and respect you and many others who have stayed relatively quiet compared to the rogue community's token douchebag.