Sunday, 8 July 2007

Leyla 2 - Props for the storyline

Never did I think this fragment of a movie could be used to ad such vibe to ones footage. Leyla 2 is a pretty nice movie allround. Nice skills, editing and use of storyline, lots of action scenes and a standout alliance player who isnt afraig to get stuck in some nice pvp. One thing that stood out for me in this movie, infact it stuck me quite hard, is the use of storyline, its a great buildup before you actually get into the movie itself. I always said its a good idea to make use of a slow buildup before you cut to action packed scenes, its not good to start off with high paced action, especially with a long movie, build upto it first. Leylas movie is a bit on the lengthy side (my only critisism) but a nice movie allround, also has some BG footage, but its forgiven with the quality of the footage provided. Its also blatant that the reason blizz removed all percentages and normalized everything from the game is so that there will never be an 'endgame' gear, by taking out percentages you keep everything on par for THAT specific level, nothing is permanent.

I agree with this and disagree, agree on the fact its good to keep people playing this game for many years, but ofcourse bad because it means there will (obviously) be the never ending need for the latest and greatest gear if you really want to have that advantage over your opponents. Interestingly though they kept the Lifegiving as a percentage, which pretty much means a free endgame trinket for warriors whatever the weather, I think blizz will normalize this soon but its something that most new players probably won't be able to have access to. Again a slight letdown on some of the music, still the movie does what it says on the tin. Leyla 2 can be found here if you are interested


Anonymous said...

1 of the best warriors i seen, loved the hole movie the music the storyline, great skill.

I can easily say this player is on the same level as Laintime is/was.


Oozo said...

I enjoyed the movie myself. The opening storyline was nice, even if a bit technically flawed (editting)... but hey, editting is hard work!