Thursday, 5 July 2007

Atlast in Business in 5v5!

Finally we managed to get our full combination sorted and the team members online! The delightful setup of Pala/Warr/Warr/Shaman/Mage. We started off a bit rocky, but picked up the pace towards the end, beat some nicely rated top 5 teams, just getting the coordination going for now. Some lousy lagspikes and dodgy double intercepts on me gave me reminiscent moments of my early Testify days when i was freeking unable to get iceblock to register + stuns = ANNOYING as hell, its a 1:50 or so chance of happening, game mechanics + latency also play some issue. Anyway so far so good, finally 1800 on first day, now can we be bothered to try and push harder? I hope so, but its exhausting trying to get people online at the same time, and when I wanna do outside PvP AP Frost isnt my favourite choice, anyhow, so far so good! Bloodlust, 2x Warr and utility is rather good

edit: finished night one @ 1840, had bad dc's and 3 games that lost due to 4man instead of 5, dunno when we will play next cause its kinda casual times, but next target needs to be atleast 2k, still want to spec fire though, resisting for the time being


Wilson said...

sounds like you're at least making the progress you wanted...keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on (or might write an article about):

-Ideal PVE/PVP item setup for 5v5 arena, assuming you had access to all items
-Use of arcane missiles or arcane blast as AP Frost


Rivx said...

Come Vashj and gieb 5v5! :<

Drifting said...

I did offer you, noone takes seriously when its low rated team, but if you know deep down it can work out if you follow through with the idea, you should take the chances when they emerge, however, i might be going back so yeah, it could be somewhat pointless