Thursday, 12 July 2007

WoW appealing to those outside the computer world

Even to this day, the WoW craze can still spread to people who arent even heavy gamers. In my workplace I have a friend who wasnt really into gaming at all, he wasnt even a casual gamer, I told him about World of Warcraft and how it works and he was fascinated by it, he wanted to know what all the fuss was about,a month or two later he decided to buy the game for himself, not only has he stuck with it to this point, 2-3 months after, he's made casual progress, but has still stepped it up a notch, he almost has a level 50 mage, and is now well on his way to getting 70, one of the most unlikely people I thought would ever get this game and stick with it has done so, and its a great thing to kill time on lunchbreaks and have chats about it with, also talking about talents and what quests would be best for him, its really funny for me because I hear him talking about all the spells and abbreviations, its highly amusing, but cool at the same time :)

When he finally hits 70 I plan on helping him out some, maybe with an arenateam, builds and gear, perhaps guild too. He's on Vashj also so i'll need to go back there first. Sometimes these people spend 100 pounds+ in a weekend purely on drink, so in that sense WoW is also a nicer hobby to keep ones interest in a much more cost effective way, and is more friendly on ones liver, but arguably can also make you unhealthy in other ways, a fine balance between the two would be better :p

I'm curious to know how many other people have got their friends into Gaming / WoW in general, i've heard a lot of storys about people bringing their RL friends into WoW through pure friendship, when I first started playing Starcraft, noone in my school played the game, before I finished school I had around 15-20 people playing the game, quite an accomplishment for those days, since the internet wasnt commonground and was pay-as-you-go style, we still pushed a trend that was yet to take off, those days are so nostalgic for me, how about you?

btw small update: back to 2k rating in 5v5 in BG9 on what is effectively our 4th night of play, hope we can keep going on this. BTW orcgo/kaka you shouldve listened to me, I told you it would happen all along, ditch the jeker peons


Oozo said...

Imagine what might happen when the WoW movie hits the theaters if it's any good.

Efrahim said...

At first my gf used to whine when I was gaming but now she's playing a lvl 62 hunter ;)

Anonymous said...

Yo man, thanks for wow life storey lol. and yes i do save a fortune now coz i don't go out drinking as much. And i totally agree with efrahim, as you know d my ex other half is the same level as me now. Not for ling when i finally get my pc up and running. Anyway hurry back to Vashj i'll try and get 70 before your cool down is over.


Wilson said...

Efrahim said...

At first my gf used to whine when I was gaming but now she's playing a lvl 62 hunter ;)


My life story right there too :P

At first my wife used to whine when I was gaming but now she's playing a lvl 70 mage ;) And she beat me! :( I'm still a paltry 57 lol