Sunday, 24 June 2007

yep, 3v3 is getting competative on Cyclone WoW BG

So I remade a 3v3 team, consisting of myself, shaden(pr), Orcgo(wr), but tonight I invited some new people to the team, the guild Raunchy has decided to transfer > Stormscale, I was lacking players for my team at the time, Shaden and Orcgo are in a 5v5 and I've not been able to play in it because of silly issues, so I thought what the hell i'll whisper a random paladin (Nowama), turns out this guy had just transfered here too, he had really nice stuff and was surprisingly nice through /w, I invited him and we took in a half blue warrior with 190 resil, also quite the player but lacking in the eq dept, which is oh so important for arenas. So we went for some 3v3's anyway, this paladin is really awesome, I played as 17/0/44, not the best spec when we are lacking a second heavy DPSer with that gear but hey, we did alright. I won't deny the competition on stormscale IS probably getting very high now, we played some other 1800 rated teams and it felt like 2100++, also partly down to the reset too. Faces AP Mage, Holy Priest, Rogue combos in different teams, 2x druid & Warrior, Paly war rogue and some others, all very good teams, props to them. I don't think the high level of competition will effect my longterm decision though, the people I knew from Vashj are generally really nice and I would rather be in a happy environment, besides, there will always be competition no matter where you go, thats the way I look at it, new teams come up all the time. Anyway, played lots of 3v3's tonight, we lost allot too, the teams are good, finished at around 1800 in the new team, we had a DC and a -24 game which sucked. hopefully we can improve on this before the reset though, I didnt want to spend this much time in arena, but its damn fun playing with people who are both good players and good geared, it really makes me appreciate my past team, props to them again. I think if our Warrior had better gear though, we can easily break 2k

I probably won't be able to live this down for a few months though, after looking back on it. I probably was spoilt for choice on Vashj. I was one of the few lucky ones who had a 5v5 able to compete on the EU Event realm, and I blew the opportunity, Arena can be really fun when its going right,although the will to play when you are on top becomes much less. theres no denying, I couldve been in the semi's with my people and sitting on a relatively hefty prize reward, DAMN it was a good team when I look back on it, i have to emphazise this when I see some of the morons who make arena teams these days on these servers, or just don't care in the slightest about playing outside of those 10 weekly games

No doubt its like this across the board though, in all battlegroups, high rated teams back at 1500, with sufficient gear/resiliance to give them a very effective stability and strats to allow for very stiff competition. As a sidenote, Grimtung, i'm getting you playing again no matter what, I want that family feeling in an arena team, when everyone knows one another 100%, Sypher, Creato, Vrakk and Sunny, get ready too! August 5th!

BTW, tomorrow I'm going to make a post about Vashj PvP and Mayhem, its going to be a big project so I encourage anyone even remotely interested to get involved, check the forums


chi said...

reco's back on reco now so he wont have that char to play on... gl though

Drifting said...

I can easily convince him to share or go half and half with him, Reco is a RL friend of mine :P

Anonymous said...

never understood why did grimt play on reco, he didnt that from lvl 60 didnt he .. why leave your priest to play another priest ..

skane said...

i dont make sense


he did that from lvl 60 didnt he? **

Anonymous said...

are more people going to cyclone now that the new season has came?

Anonymous said...

Raunchy? u talking about the guild from Maghteridon? if u do i had a close friend playing there, UD priest. but dunno if he stil plays.