Monday, 25 June 2007

Roaming PvP, World PvP, Cityraids, Mayhem!

When I come back, I want to reignite some spark for the PvP scene. I've got many many ideas to elaborate on over the coming weeks and months. One thing i'm going to set up is roaming 5v5 (or more) fights. on a set night you will face a team in a designated zone, there will be different fighting areas, and prizemoney, any money generated through this site (and its not much at the moment) will contribute to the prize perhaps, winning team takes all, i dont know yet, but something along those lines

Roaming PvP

I'm going to set up a 5v5 roaming fight scene on Vashj, you have a few weeks to decide on your team and post the final outcome on the forum when you've decided. The idea is to have teams set up, and face off in different zones on a weekly basis, maybe more often than this even. If it proves popular we'll step it up to higher numbers, i.e 8v8 10v10, no showers will be disqualified and the opposing team will go through, considering having a ref or setting up a personal GM for the events too. Fight scenes will vary from all around the world, different places will be chosen and most locations should have a wide variation and be scattered across the world. I'll open a section specifically for it and elaborate on it more, also feel free to post any comments you feel could be made to make it even better, i'm open to any suggestions. try to list as much information as you can, such as the name of team, players in the team, ill make a form everyone can put all the info into on the forum.

Locations: I'm thinking of setting most of the fighting locations around Vanilla TBC locations since they're hardly getting use and it'd be nice to give them some love. I'll run off a list of potential hot spots to fight in later, the possibilities are endless since you can use 90% of places in the game for this kind of thing.

Teams: Much like arena games, i'm thinking of having a team of 10-15 players, and you can call the ones you want for your game to have on the night, picking a set amount of players (i.e 5 players for a 5v5 team) might not be a good choice since if someones offline they're pretty much screwed for the fight.

Horde v Horde / Alliance vs Alliance - Any Alliance vs Alliance or Horde vs Horde can take place in an arena, STV arena or DM, DM will be good because the elites prevent lowbies from getting into the place, also different scenery setting, also perhaps a GM might be able to help out for a fight like this, even if it wasnt taking place in an arena.

Referee? - Currently deciding on wether to have a Referee or not, or someone to keep log of the fights and the victors/losers

Cityraids - I've done them already, but I won't get bored of them, might think of some kind of reward to encourage this, but a few hundred people pouring into a city is never a bad thing, if you are interested in cityraiding and arent on Vashj, feel free to migrate here, I will organise raids on enemy cities, any alliance who wish to do the same to horde, or as a counterattack, feel free, nothing stopping you :) always a bit of fun

I'll post more info on the idea in the coming weeks, anyone who is even remotely interested, even if you arent 100%, just post a reply on the forum with the people interested and we can get a headcount of who wants in. Ask around on the forums also if you get time.


Anonymous said...

When is your pct cd done drift?

Mine is in 2 months and I will go back to vashj too.

I city raid is always fun and I'm looking forward to it :)

Anonymous said...


(giev edit function)

Los said...

Drift comes back 5th of August. Sypher comes back early July. Heard Vrakk is coming back too.

And of course I'm back nowadays, same with Sinn.

Anonymous said...

Ur post making me want to touch myself ^^ i mean they make me want to pvp ! yeah!!


Sypher said...

Hey Los,

I didn't know Sin was back? any sign off Svindar then we got true old school people back on vashj where they belong.


Los said...

Yups, Sinn is back. He still plays on Aggy too, but leveling his warrior with such eager that thing he is back to stay.

Svin still plays on Aggy, have bit asked him to come to Vashj tho. If you see Svindar online, feel free to ask him back...

Hmm, I have Bearcai on MSN too...

Drifting said...

Remake it los :) count me in

Anonymous said...


- Rivx

Anonymous said...

Lol los, i speak to bearcai alot aswell, but he wont come back, he's all the way in china anyways, and he's busy working and stuff..


Bart said...

Imba, all these peeps back, ill be waiting for you in SW Oo, counterattacks by alliance? you make laugh

starcrusher said...

i never left.. but count me in.. ill join any city raid when im available.. either with boomkin or my newborn paladin