Saturday, 23 June 2007 sold to Affinity for $1 Million!

Woah, seems there really are big bucks to be made in many aspects related to WoW. Who'd have thought Wowhead would turn out to be such a profitable asset, sure it is arguably used by more people for talent calculation than the official blizzard calculator, with heavy traffic towards the site, and much more than just a calculator, I'm not fully aware with the affiliates to Wowhead, but theres no doubt thats a premier-league acquisition by Affinity Media. I can only imagine the kinds of traffic that passes through those sites, sites that are high up on Google, used by the extremely large wow community and also passed around/linked between friends on a daily basis, WoW is indeed more than just a game now, at least to some.

Insider information has rustled up that Affinity Media has purchased for over $1 Million USD. After the story broke on, WoWHead eventually confirmed the sale That means Affinity Media now owns Allahkazam, Thottbot, and WoWHead.

JM: Affinity Media is basically a holding company for different gaming assets. Clearly, there were three parts to the company. There was an IGE division, which everyone knows about. And while we’re not releasing the details, it’s common knowledge now that IGE is no longer a part of Affinity Media, that we’re no longer in that business.

Confirmation of IGE's new owner seems to come via Allakhazam's site owner, who commented in April: "A month ago, IGE was owned by Affinity Media who also owns us. Now, IGE is owned by Jon Yantis, who, I believe, was one of the original founders of IGE but had sold off his share years ago."]

Additional info on WoWheads background can be found here

There is big money involved in WoW, if you have a niche market, make it interesting for others, you can capitalize on almost anything, with the E-Sport side of WoW really getting some spotlight, and players being able to bring heavy traffic to their sites, I just hope blizzard starts pushing more areas and versatility in its gaming division and brings more entertaining competition to WoW.

You can brag about Arena players, and try to give them a superhero-like status to help make this thing mainstream and casual-friendly, its a very smart thing Ming is doing to make it all interesting and generate even more talk to ones site, be it positive and negative. You can stereotype the community into envying these people as if they're superhuman figures, but at the end of the day it will get boring and repetitive, I'd like to see big names and competition don't get me wrong, but we need more choices in Warcraft, like I said, bring ladder WSG as well as arena, and then it will get even more interesting.

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