Friday, 8 June 2007

WoW's current status

Are you having fun in WoW? Does it still entertain you like it used to?

I don't get much out of the game anymore, but why? I think most of the elements of fun that it once had are now gone. Mostly BRM, WPL EPL and ofcourse the oldschool TM/SS PvP scenes are all but gone. Nothing TBC offered has helped world pvp, one of the main things they got out of TBC is making an Esport out of WoW, which for some is good, but for people like me just isnt the key element I seek out of a game

Not only this, but flying mounts has also hurt wPvP alot, and instead of just letting pvp "happen", they've got it set up in designated zones, which isnt really fun.

Don't see it changing anytime soon, if ever, which is why I will consider WAR as a final option before i go Starcraft 2

The only real thing that keeps me going is the idea of making a fun movie that people would like, although it can also get stressful when you can't find any footage

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