Friday, 8 June 2007

Blizzcon 2007

Considering going to Blizzcon 2007 and it seems they are giving free beta keys for an upcoming title that will, with a bit of luck hopefully be Starcraft 2. Since i'm a big fan of Starcraft 2, this would also be a huge plus for me - I've also never been to an event like this so it'd be a whole new experience, also thinking about getting some friends together if I do decide to go, i'm sure they'd be up for it

Its a long way though since i'm in the UK so i'd have to give it quite a bit of thought, also with me not being such a big traveler it will be quite the decision to make - I'll see what the others say :)

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Nixze said...

I would like to go to a Blizz event but as you say its kinda far away but if you come up with a plan for going i'd so join ya :D