Friday, 8 June 2007

Coming back to Vashj

ok well from my point of view the Stormscale project to bring PvP to Cyclone has good intentions and still has much potential until the project is complete, however I wasnt as good as it looked on paper for me PERSONALLY, heavy hitters from Arena teams are still debating transferring there after Season 1 is done but i'm also in it for the World PvP side of things, not to mention the local community I somewhat miss on Vashj, so...

I'll probably be going back to Vashj when my cooldown is up (thats if i'm still playing WoW then) for anyone who cares.

Atleast one or two good things came from the experience though,

1) learn that the grass indeed isnt always greener, and infact Vashj is actually quite a good realm

2) I'll be able to regain a name without the ascii character, which is atleast a small plus for me

Reasons why I disliked it are because there wasnt much interest in pushing anything other than the arena teams transferring to the realm. I'd go as far to say World PvP on SS is not even on par with Vashj, and SS was the target realm from the beginning.


hms said...
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hms said...

I must agree with you on that, stormscale was clearly a wrong move. But i guess this way we won't have any more ideas like that for a long time.
Hope to return to Vashj as well.

Anonymous said...

Why lie emo?

You arnt leaving Stormscale coz its a shit server..

Your leaving it purely coz u got the itch for returning to me! .. RAWR..

/Yours babe! T i f f a n a

Aztec said...

Screw migration.. I miss Vashj!!

Dangerous said...

hehe Drifting you finally come to senses again...

get your bloody ass on vashj again, because you still are a nub and nubs are on vashj kek!

cya there

I R D!

Anonymous said...

Hurry back you madman, loving the new site by way, may be when Equilibrium is more estabilished i'll do summat my self if i have either the time or patience. Looking forward to Arena (when i finally get my butt in there). 48 now, won't be long (honest lol).

Keep up the good work mate.