Thursday, 21 June 2007

Blizzard INFO and Update!!!

Damn, why didnt I get that Blizzcon ticket before they sold out? and why do I get the feeling i'll end up paying double the price for one off ebay a week or so before the event? Anyway, some small word from blizz that is REALLY exciting for me and i can't wait to see the footage/feeds if and when they leak onto the internet come august, firstly;

Some interesting words from Blizzard thus far;

Blizzard today announced that its eagerly-anticipated strategy sequel StarCraft 2 will be in playable form at this year's BlizzCon convention. !!!!!!

DAMN, I need some peeps from RL or Vashj to come upto me and say IM GOING, COMING WITH ME?!?! and its a rap :)

Now if that wasnt reason enough to go, then I dont know what is, also they commented on Mage season 2 items, perhaps this is a good thing for us mages,

We've been able to identify what went wrong and the stats for the Mage Season 2 items are being corrected in a future patch.

I guess alot of people don't rate the set that highly compared to others, oh well lets wait and see, I wonder how long its going to be 'till they make changes to it, hopefully within the coming weeks.

Anyway, so far its been alright into season 2, i'd like to rebuild a solid 5v5 team and get some good players who prioritise PvP over Pve. I need one more piece of gladiator to get 3/5 and i'll stick with that, then perhaps a weapon, nothing major that I'll be upgrading on.


Skane said...

heard you wanted to come to deso when your back on vashj, hook up with gin or smth ;o

any truth in that?

Drifting said...

Deso? didn't say that, but maybe, I might have a team with Sypher lined up

Skane said...

also heard that sypher and vrakk were coming, but it appears my sources are wrong ;o