Friday, 22 June 2007

Utility vs Damage, Thoughts & opinions going into Arena S2

Well, after trying some PvP with the new trinket changes and gear, as a fire mage its interesting to say the least.

I'm trying to keep a balanced mix between crit/sta/resilience, despite resilience hurting your crit allot as we creep towards 400 resil being the norm for most characters, I've been selfish and gone with the silk instead of dread, either way i think I'm going to put 12sta in my gladiator gear.

Part of me regrets not taking the stamina Dreadweave, as this is what I consider the perfect item to help you survive and win the game as a TEAM, its kind of like sword vs mace for warrior, IMO sword is for yourself and mace is for teamplay, same with rogues. I'm a mess at the moment, no money to respec to W/E utility even though I think its the stronger option for me to take

Doing heavy damage is alright as a mage, but utility wins them the game in my eyes, its easy to see why AP/Frost is the best combination for 'coordinated nukes' but i don't know, theres always been something about it that deters me away from it, mage is there for utility, and being AP Frost gives it that one big burst that can change the game, however I still prefer water elemental spec for Arena, so I really cant decide what to go with.

My current plan is to make a 5v5 team and for the time being stick with fire/DB, its still a nice spec for taking enemy DPS off your healers and giving them some breathing space, surprisingly enough in most of the games I've played I haven't been targeted as much as I thought I would. I think most of the teams just automatically presume I have IB. I'm thinking heavy stamina route with nice resilience, utility fire mage, the trinket is a nice boost for survivability, for example if the other team has insane maceproc deepthunder warriors x2 (that thing procs all the time), then that trinket could be a savior at times, I'll see how it goes.

I bet I'll end up going water elemental again, but for now, I need to get some arena games going whatever the spec, and up until 2100 I don't think it will matter that much anyway


Anonymous said...

With everyone at 2100+ rating having 400+ resilience I personally think anyone that DOES go the extra yard to get heavy crit gear as a DPS'er will have a major advantage. If you throw in the cards you could be left with 20% crit. As a WE mage shatter helps this issue but quit frankly, what drew me to your page was you being unique and not just another 17/0/44 WE mage but someone who has learned to survive and kill outside the norm, this I respect.

Anonymous said...

TYPO: quit = quite