Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Verdict so far, Loving the trinket changes!!!

I just love the trinket changes, its quite significant change to the PvP scene in general, and a huge potential to change matches in both solo pvp, group pvp and arena. I'm loving it vs rogues, hunters and palys, not because I _NEED_ it, but its just a great timesaver, especially vs those saps/stuns, icetraps and repentance, I really hope it teaches those hunters with the trap > trinket > aimed shot combination a bit more variation in their play, though not saying I needed the trinket to save me from this, just it was pure zzz factor watching hunters do the same old ritual 99 times out of 100, usually they died anyway though.

Overall though i'm happy, the only thing i'm dissapointed about is the fact they didnt add any new cloak to the hall of legends honor rewards, don't know why really, i think they saw the spell penetration and thought they didnt want to take any alternative routes to this one, where you have the silk for crit(fun) and dread for hp(the team). Hopefully they will branch out on this in the future though.

I havent decided which class benefits from this trinket the most, i'm sure it has many positives and negatives, I think its quite good for mage though.

The Gladiator 2set 2x resil bonus is looking nice! Around 390 resiliance is much more than i'm used to having. Although having to re-enchant the new stuff is quite costly and gold isnt my strong point, as I find grinding tedious, will have to get the chants and gems sorted at some point, though. The only thing I changed in my gameplan was taking the chest instead of the shoulders, since I could afford it, and i'm debating heavy stamina socketing vs spellcrit. I had awfull crit season one, and i'm loving getting almost 10% more this time round (Yeah I picked silk this time round, and bcast pants to glad pants increases my crit quite significantly, endgame arena gives me doubts about the crit though, but regardless i'll probably try and get dreadweave if and when I get those honor points back


Skane said...

i think hunters probably benefit most from the trinket change .. being able to break fear is massive (atleast for non-TBW specs)

Anonymous said...

Not having to rely on the VERY poor (for self dispel) tremor totem is a godsend !

Oozo said...

Tremor totems seems to work well enough against my shadowpriest.
I kill em, but end up taking a 3K lightning bolt up the arse from elem shamans when I do it. :P