Saturday, 9 June 2007 isnt branching out to WAR anytime soon

I contacted Gedan, one of the main people at and asked him if they are planning on branching out to other MMO related movies and publishing, he says they arent, so don't expect a anytime soon unless they can be persuaded at some point in the future.

IMO it wouldve been a nice idea to branch out into other game categories, especially with the hype WAR has been recieving, i'm sure it would be popular enough to support a moviemaking on a similar scale to what WoW is now, especially on the PvP side of things. lets see if any alternatives come up or if they change their minds


Eatwot said...

Hello Drifitng,
Is there a mod to see blood's task on your UI ?? or an effect with video ?

dj said...

its an effect with the video, but you can also get a mod to do it too.

Eatwot said...

ok thanks
do you know the name of this mod ?

PS: i'm french, sorry for the "franglais" =)

Anonymous said...

I reckon they'll probably branch off if it becomes popular at launch. Either that or someone else is bound to make one.

Oozo said...

This really surprises me. Didn't WCM just open up a new forum with a Warhammer section on it?