Monday, 11 June 2007

Rebuilding a 5v5 team, hunger to reclaim the 2400+

After being out of an arena team for quite some time, it gave me the itch to want to start playing again, one of the perfect comparisons I can think of would be Jay Z claiming he was retiring from rap at the 'top of his game', his status was at an all time high, and he had nothing more to prove, but once he stepped down from his throne of being the King of New York he started to get the itch again and so similar it was for me after being in a 2400+ team on Vashj, I started to feel like it was becoming more of a chore than fun. I kind of regret not playing in the EU event finals with my Vashj team, as we didn’t even get to see what our team could have achieved, we had a great setup that worked well for us. It wasn’t your typical assist target > nuke specced team, it was a 'built to last' team.

(Frein,Dassantwo,Grimtung,Hubris and myself) -> War/War/Priest/Pala/Mage is one of the best setups I work with, we had some great players and occasionally switched to rogue instead of war (Bartkn), but for the bulk of our rated-play times it was the dual Warrior combo, some of our lategames ended as Pala/War/War standing, and we could still pull back in 3v4 situations, Warrior is just so strong in certain situations lategame with the rage buildup and buffs packs an insane punch towards the end and offers extreme lastable dps that dosent need any downtime, even if we didn’t have the pala standing endgame our 2 tauren warriors took one hell of a beating in the dying moments

So after I went to Stormscale I wasn’t intent on searching for a team, it wasn’t the original plan I had, but I started to get the itch again, its not like you can find competitive world pvp currently in this game and I needed a gap to fill. So I joined a Shamans 5v5 team on the server, we had unlucky logging times so hadn’t been in sync much, a few days back we started playing our first games, we ended up going without the shaman and with a similar setup to my Vashj team, War/War/Priest/Pala/Mage

Only difference though, I’m Dragon's Breathe Spec instead of my Vashj spec 17/0/44 (Water Elemental) - Many people would argue that AP Frost is a much more viable spec to take since you get the coordinated nuke off with the 2x Warr's DPS on a focused target and it could be deadly, however I disagree, its not all about combinations or tactics, its about what works best for YOUR team, and this for me was 17/0/44 at the time

Anyway, I stuck with DB (mainly because i don't have the gold to respec anymore) we climbed up to a 2k rating with my Stormscale team of Orcgo, Yrly, Galla Shaden and myself, and me as this heavy fire spec, i'm hoping we get more time to play this week so hopefully we can get some more good results, i'll admit though I was missing the role of utility in arena badly, full on sheeping/detect magic, easy icelance debuffs and taking targets off the healer can seem boring, but believe me its equally as usefull if not moreso than just doing plain old DPS with the occasional sheep/CS thrown in, not to mention the winters proc off icelance is free debuffs to mess with their paladins

If you get focused by the other team and they don't manage to nuke you down as a blazing speed mage it can be very beneficial lategame for us (as we saw in oldtimes vs Madbaal from Jacklins old team, a blazing speed mage with Manky giving him a trap to run around), its a huge plus BS kiting 2 or more targets from the other team and being able to pull a sheep off, although we lack the awesome BoF rotation that my previous Pala from Testify had, but it still has potential, i hope we can get some more GG's in before tuesday


fosters!! said...

you cant rebuild THE a-team without me, I shall have to return, at the very least just to make you look good compared to me!!!


Anonymous said...

Me.. Plus Me.. Plus Me.. then just add Me, and oh yea.. Me.. Wud own you , keeper , dassan and Co! Besides.. Dassan is my babe.. He would even help me!:D


Ted said...

Pew pew you know if you want to respecc i have the gold anyway vub <3 to you for making my stay on Stormscale, having more fun then before. //Old Laana

Nixze said...

I want to be on the team :D
Your so damn good at the pvp i want to join in on the fun dont do much now im on my pala need to get some gear for rogue cuase i got the skills to kill anyone but with only bloodfang on me back i cant survive against 2 people so well

Cant wait till you get back to Vashj lets go IF and kill some gnomes

Anonymous said...

good luck, when you are back on Vashj, we won't see each other again -- friday is the last day I play WoW in at least next 3 months.

with lub, Atec.

Anonymous said...

buff rogues in 5v5 arena :P

I'm already getting bored with wow, haven't played for like 2 weeks but with old players coming back on vashj i might find the interest in it again.Might be the same time when DJ is coming back :o

Good luck Drift :)

PS: Tiffana is my bitch


syv said...

vashj sucks, period! ;)
hope your return goes as you expect :p going back to greek mustafas like koukos oh my..... :))

Anonymous said...

still love u <3<3 :) transfered my mage to Darksorrow to play with some irl friends to make an Arena team :) gogo pewpew :D

<3 Dwimmerlike

Lurpassarn said...

Good luck your new team drifting :]

oh and btw. tiffana sucks ass / Lurp

chi said...

I really hope things work out for you. Good luck & Have fun!


Dan said...

Nice to see more mages without APPOMPYRO Fail specs.../sigh...

GL with your Teams/Specs :D


Anonymous said...

I knew this would happen the moment you started talking about the stormscale idea ;)

We really have to try out that 5 pom pyro mage lineup you were talking about!

@Ryyu: drift>u!

// sniPEeeeeeeeee

skane said...

@snipe we came across a team like that .. well it was 4 pom mages and a WE mage they beat us the first match ... one shotted our paladin ... didnt see that coming ..we played them about 7 times straight after without losing a single man ... gimic teams ..pft

imerat said...

Look a Drift :D nice m8 :D

Stuck said...

Nice reading Drift, keep it up. Haha @ your new guildtag
< WorldofDrifting dot com >

As you already knew, I'm still ├╝ber intressted in joining your new team mate!

Helindi said...

When you get back to Vashj, are you going to join up with Keeper frien dassan etc in testify?


Anonymous said...


I know, the team setup is totally cr*p! But, very much fun nevertheless ;).

joost said...

btw, Drifting, your myspace friend 'Jay Z' isnt the real jayz!
''don't surf the net
no i never been on my space''
-beach chair, jay z.