Wednesday, 20 June 2007

heh, Drake & Gladiator Title, just!

After transferring to Stormscale I didnt have much time to establish myself in a 5v5 team, like I said it wasnt even a plan for me to play Arena again, I was going to stop play, but I got the itch again.

The Drake & Title was a dead cert for me in my Vashj team, but ofcourse I like to do things the hard way, seems I scraped it by the skin of my teeth, with 1 game being enough to put me below the 20% played rule, it dosent come much closer than that, does it? Gonna go and see what setup to go with now in Area 52, i'll post how it goes later :)

I'm well aware many others can achieve this and its not hard, but I consider it quite an achievement for someone who has only been on the server a few weeks, i'm more than pleased with it


Sypher said...

Lol Dj, that is one ugly looking skin. Seriously your the only guy that would re roll another mage becuase he wanted Ud and then change the skin :P <3.

i was sitting on 2100 Rating, went on holiday for 2weeks and thefore dropped too 770 and go no points and no drake. Where as ppl with 1800rating seem to be getting them. IMBA BLIZZARD



Eva said...

Yep indeed Sypher, someone at blizzard really screwed this up.

So here I am, fully devoted to PvE, in a team that miraciously reached 2K rating exactly and how suprised I was to find a Netherdrake in my mailbox and the gladiator title above my head.

A well I'll enjoy it while it lasts, the mount that is, the title should be for people that really invested in the PvP aspect of the game. For me the mount is just a fun gimmic, which i could never obtain farming as a holy priest.

Anonymous said...

LOL Eva are you serious? That means I have the netherdrake as well when I reactivate my acc ? o_O

WTB 5000Goldz

// Snipe

Skane said...

idd, stupid blizzard with the mounts ... it was projected that only the top 15 teams of 5v5 would get the mount (in EU) and top 18 in US (more people there) but they really screwed up .. and gave like the top 50% mounts :P

Anonymous said...

Snipe, just another biased dueling mage. When it comes to unplanned situations he´s probably the worst mage vashj ever had.

Anonymous said...

Hi blabla, I'm flattered!

Judging from your comment, I must have beaten you pretty hard in a duel. I'm sorry!

I do actually rank myself near the top when it comes to mages on vashj. Arena ratings don't lie as well.
You could probably ask most of the people that have been here long enough though!

Not that care at all about my e-peen - my real one is big enough - but, I just love drama! Bring it on!

// Snipe

Anonymous said...

actually snipe ur far from the top of best mages on vashj.arena rating doesnt say all that much tbh, ow and btw u never ever beated me one on one, as a warrior here and not nearly as equiped as u.