Friday, 15 June 2007

Starcraft - Best RTS EVER for its time

I really can't wait for this game. Its so close to my heart and had a huge impact on me during my younger years. After Warcraft 2 the next RTS in line came Starcraft, the unique thing about this game was its amazing ability to have 3 races that are very very well balanced across the board, offering many tactics to compete in high skilled games against other opponents from across the pond, at a much higher APM rate than WoW, following vanilla SC came Broodwar. the expansion pack offering even more versatility to the game, giving birth to DT's, Lurkers, Medics and much more, the game (for its time) is arguably the best RTS ever made, and IMO it always will be, its truly the gem of blizzards back catalogue, I hope they can live up to expectations with Starcraft 2. Even if it dosent turn out to be all that, which i'm sure it will, they could always manipulate it to the games original setup through the form of a mod via a total conversion or even use Snowflake Entertainments port for the WC3 engine using the SCUM editor (presuming they carry on with the TC - they're a third party), it always has potential to be an E-sport for many years, especially in Korea, I can't wait! This movie has started making its rounds over the net, features some of the units as we've never seen them before, check it here

PS. I'll be posting a rundown of my favourite Warcraft movies soon, and the influences they had on me, I would advise anyone who is interested in PvP to check it out!


Los said...

Best RTS -title belongs to Dune 2.

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