Friday, 15 June 2007

Blizzcon 2007 tickets selling out quick! Decision Time

Approximately half the available tickets for BlizzCon 2007 have been sold in the first 24 hours, and they're continuing to go rapidly. If you plan to attend, we recommend getting your tickets quickly, as they are likely to sell out soon. We thank you for your enthusiasm, and look forward to seeing all of you in Anaheim, California on August 3 and 4.

I thought this was neccesarry to quote for those seing this who are planning going to Blizzcon, didn't expect the tickets to be selling this fast, guess i'll have to make my mind up as to weather im going faster!

I was going to go with some of my RL friends, failing that (they're all low on RL gold so they might decide not to) I'd have gone and met up with some people from Vashj maybe, or even Stormscale

Would have been nice to meet up with Quiver and Silvio, if you guys decide to go!

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