Thursday, 14 June 2007

Reclaiming the Arena title, is it worth it? 4 days left

My new 5v5 arena team isn't the #1 of teams, but I think we have potential. The main problem is that we're never in sync so we need to get online times sorted, if people can be online at the same time, then perhaps we can get some good games going. As it stands we're only 2044, but considering the amount of time we've been playing I class that as alright, i'm hoping we can carry on climbing, but like I said, online times have been very bad and we've not been in sync at all this week (i've not had the chance to get any games going with the rest). Hopefully we can play tonight, ideally im hoping for a late charge at the drake, it wouldve been a free course meal had I stayed on Vashj with my old team, but ofcourse I like to do things the hard way!

I have 4/5 gladiator, the 2 hander and some random BoE's from Hall of Legends and Battlecast Pants, I've been in the same EQ for the last month or two since I transferred from Vashj. I didn't bother with the Gladiator legs because I wasnt in any serious Arena team at the time and my point income wasnt that significant, luckily I had huge point gains early season 1 so I was able to get most of the equip early in the season.

So what do I have to lose if we do go for a late charge in the top 0.5% of battlegroup? Nothing really, I have 5k banked and around 60k honor banked, if I wanted to go all or nothing with the team, be it 2300 or 1900 from some losing streak I could do it and there would be absolutely nothing to lose, so if we get some good games going tonight then hopefully we will be in with a chance.

The only downfall is though, our paladin is actually really good but he's mostly blues, his manapool is hurting, other than this most of the team is pretty much decked out, for a quickly built, or arguably PuG arena team, thats not so bad.

We run best with the same setup that my Vashj team had. Like I said. Pala/War/War/Priest/Mage. I might respec 17/0/44 for the last few days and play mostly utility Mage

I like how Ming claims you're a scrub if you don't have XXXX arena rating, no doubt in my mind my previous team could have been 2500 with ease, but not everyone plays PURELY for a arena rating, so circumstances change, you have to take this into account too...


Anonymous said...

me thinks you should rejoin Testify for the new season drif ! pew pew 2500 rating

Skane said...

go all out you got the points in the bank anyway you can afford to take the risk ... worst that can happen is that you will drop a bit ... and you will always get that back easy if your teams worth its current rating .. and with them extra games your teamwork can only get better

Aoefi said...

Odd place to put this but I just recently came across some of your PvP videos today and just wanted to say that you have some awesome skill and your editing is fun :3 Im slowley making my way to 70 and hopefully getting a little bit of world PvP in to have some editing practice haha. Anyways, Seeya around fellow-blogger!

<3 Aoefi
Blackwing Lair US

Anonymous said...

aye remember our games back in the days when we were at top, and u weer in the top 10 if i remember correct, u were a great team always enyojed our games, if u can play like that u can easily top 2400 imo