Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sigh, shunted out of team

Ahh surprise surprise, Stormscale the server of all servers, the real place to be, epixville deluxe, where noone gives a shit about friends and everyine is out for arena rating, the 5v5 I joined a few weeks back, what a nice prospect it was looking to be, versatile matrix with some enthusiastic players, shame the leader refused to talk on ventrilo, anyway we could go without that handicap, 2200 without a problem if they'd stuck to it and probably much higher, the logical thing to do would have been to build on this team and get to know each other better, with improved communication over the coming weeks, what do they decide to do? kick Yrly, myself, the one good paladin we had and occasioanlly remove/reinvite the same member on a daily basis, why #^@#% around with a team like that?

Anyway I rejoined after a short talk with Orcgo, Not only that, but then the they decide to invite these triplets to the team (after I put in a good word for them) so they invite a mage, lock and paladin, kick the existing paladin, wanna know what was funny about this? I can't play in the team anymore even if I wanted to, I get shunted to one side since these triplets come into play. If they don't play without their mage seems they don't want to talk on ventrilo or play properly at all - how grown up. Possibly to make me look bad so they can play with their brother, well thats gratitude after I helped get you into the team to begin with, isnt it ? Hell, if I was in my own 5v5 again, i'd make damn sure that 99% of the time my teammates were getting atleast 30% and not shunted to one side, even if it meant risking points on the line, I know how much it sucks not to get 30% one week and get nothing from it. I'm not used to looking at a 0-2 score for the week, infact I was fuming the entire time, but ofcourse this is stormscale, land of the self-centered ego's, if you want to brag about how leet you are and your coolcool rep, then come to this shithole, but ofcourse, you must remember, this is Stormscale

God bless the day when I get some true friends back, bridgeburnt or not, people can judge a person deepdown by who they really are or not once they get a clear understanding of the individual, I hope most can see that i'm not the self centered person some might think, or like a hefty percentage of stormscale is.

Its painfull seing 0-2 next to your name for a week, especially when your teammates deliberatly try to not play to their best, then you can't get any games after that. >>teamquit


Chidorii said...

man that really sucks =( can't wait to get you back to vashj

Starcrusher said...

It looks like you need a new team... why sticking with these mofo's? And eh... 5th of august is in our LAN weekend so i cant wait.. :D

Desadeklit said...

Why not start your own team..
Seemed like the pala+war got kicked also, wouldnt have been hard to find an extra player...
Hating on SS just cause 3 ppl are acting like tards, very mature:).

Anonymous said...

I was going to migrate to the Cyclone BG but chickened out at the last minute. I enjoy the comfort zone on my own realm. If the atmosphere is as hostile as you say it is looks like I made the right decision anyway. I don't live and die by arena anyway, I just like being competitive.

Los said...

I rerolled alt on Stormscale when Drift moved there. I tried to talk to lvl70 people about BGs and PvP etc, once got real answer. Rest was along the lines 'Level more, noob' or 'Fuck off, lowbie'.

Sure it's possible I just met worst of SS, but I think the server is horrible.

Sypher said...

well Dj, its ok when your back on Vashj your know that i won't happen. Just start planning our 5v5 team... Remember we gotta find a sweet pally then were sorted.!!!

Oozo said...

Ugh. God, that really sucks. I'm sorry.

That's one of the reasons why I didn't do Arena with Oozo. My *good* friends really aren't into PvP as much as I am and I didn't want to put a ton of pressure on them to win... which would have happened just because of who I am.

On the other hand, it's just so hard to find good and decent people that I've pretty much just decided to give up on people I don't know before even meeting them, heh. It just seems that most people suck. They suck at being decent people. :(

Once again, sorry for your misfortune.

Oozo said...

"Hating on SS just cause 3 ppl are acting like tards, very mature:). "

Nah, he's okay. I mean... I hate nearly the whole human race based on the actions of relatively few.

He's not quite there yet, so he's doing fine. ;P

Kzn said...

xferring without a team ready is a bad idea.

that said, its not just stormscale ;>

Kzn said...


its the jakertards

good god I am loling hard now