Wednesday, 27 June 2007

What route shall I take

So I'm wondering what to do this week, making a 5v5 with friends, I'm not the best of morale boosters if our team goes on a losing streak, though im willing to play on and take one for the team consistently.I know we can be competative and high end if the other people are persistent and have the enthusiasm also, if the other players are interested enough and willing to improve, I will always be able to go on regardless. 3v3 is definetly going to increase in popularity, its a middleground for skill:zerg ratio, being able to get people online easily enough for games, and point:play also, if my paladin can come online more and the warrior can gear up, then i'd be willing to go 3v3 i think, atleast for now, lets wait and see.

Having said this, i'm still not sure if the arena system is "fair" for those 10 game a week players

Arena vs old Honor System: Quality vs Quantity - Lots of people seem to think the Arena system is more skill-based than time-based, i partly agree with this, but now we see a lot of teams going for the 10-game a week easy-points route, like people have pointed out this is actually the EASIEST epic<->timespent ratio in the game, if your team dosent play hours on end yoyoing back and forth the rating, and just plays 10 weekly games, be it win or loss, they get the best epic:timespent ratio, even though low end/high end 'diminishings' have came in more heavily so that lowest/highest rated teams see big loss of points, i don't know if it is going to be substancial enough to effect this statement of 10 game tickovers each week. I do think the game devs should make it harder for people to get easy loots from 10 games a week and not actually caring about their rating.

Example 1) This guy in practically full S1 glad, and 1 piece S2, yet he has 1400 ratings across the board, now he might be a fantastic player, and i'm not bragging either, I don't have a 5v5 nor have I got a 3v3 breaking 1900 yet, but 1400?!?!? I see arrowkey turning scrubs with higher than this, Reason why I don't care? I'm playing with randomers, if I was playing with people from my original realm that I knew and wasnt breaking 2k, then fair enough

PS. Anyone got a Lightning Capacitor? I Really wanted to try one for pvp in general, seems very complimentary to a fire mage, though i've not cared enough / had the time to be bothered to go karazahn, if anyone has one, could they post a 'demo' of it on stage6 or google video?

If I did go and obtain one of these, I dunno if it would be worth joining a guild just for the solo purpose of getting one of these, perhaps pay a guild or go with a PuG run.. if I don't do it on Stormscale maybe I could do it on Vashj, though there is a certain guild I might like to go to on Vashj, I have indeed burnt alot of bridges, though I wouldnt say these bridges are unrepairable, only bridge unrepairable is with some very sad individuals guild whom name I won't call out, as it dosent deserve the attention, but you know who you are, willing to lose friends over game ethics? Powerleveled for half a level when i'm without power for 3 days is hardly a crime, not only this, but you are actually willing to get pissed off at your friends if they do this without acknowleging the reasons for it? Well I wouldnt want to spend the time of day with a nolifer individual like you anyway, you should go and find some IRL friends, or stop being a bum and get a job and do something with yourself, only reason your guild is doing remotely well is because you have nothing better to do than devote your life to it, and if you don't make movies or PvP from it then all your hard work is being wasted anyway, and is totally meaningless :)

edit: It also procs for mage through Molten Armor/Ignite, one of the main reasons why I think it could be great for wpvp


Los said...

I know guy from Aggy who has Lightning Capacitor, iirc it was nerfed and made pretty useless. But I ask later when home.

About Arenas, I know several teams who just plays the 10 games, losing 7-10 games but they still get epics.

...continue later...need to work...

Starcrusher said...

For me as a nub pvp player, the 10 game epic route is a way to get me some better gear. I really would hate to see it nerfed!

Im working on my pvp skills and its getting better and better every day but what can i say.. i just cant get to that top 10 i guess (not being a boomkin that is) and i cba to respec to feral.

anyways... dont worry about a new guild on vashj im pretty certain your welcome in malicious (if that isnt the guild you mentioned)...

Gz star

Chidorii said...

I think that it is great that everyone can get good pvp gear easily. If we want to be serious about arena pvp everyone should have the same gear, or at least the option to chose what gear to use. What's the point of playing against undergeared people?

kaiz said...

the lightning capacitor is amazing for a mage in pvp, it adds so much more burst do your shatter combos, and you'll see it proccing a ton as db/shatter. 700 hits/1200 crits are nothing to scoff at. It's alot better than any of the passive spelldmg trinket.

Anonymous said...

^ About the Lightning Capacitor..
/ Syntz