Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Crossrealm killed the Local-Server community

Don't you think crossrealm killed the local community(s)? For me on Vashj I felt it did. What was left of it, atleast. Xrealm ruins the local server community, mainly with the opposing faction, why? because you don't fight against those people as frequently anymore, and the volume of people in BG is greater, hence why you don't know as many names, as a result you can't keep track of 95% of players on the realm, you don't really know who is good and who sucks anymore. Nowadays, the most likely way you'll know someone from the other faction through PvP is from a Movie, forumtroll, extreme event of ninjaing or IRC, gone are the days of local communities for the majority of realms

The great thing I used to love about WoW in general was having a community of people you knew, even if you didn't necessarily like those people, it was like a local village, full of names you knew and got familiar with, you usually had the one village idiot also, but when crossrealm came those days were almost destroyed overnight, gone are the times of seing people in BG you knew, or picking opponents to deliberately go for that you either didn't like or wanted to kill for the fun of it, it completely took out the local community feel, to compensate for this you get instant BG queues, well personally, i'd rather queue for half an hour for a BG and face opponents/teams I knew, than facing randomers from a foreign realm whom I had never seen before. They should have really kept an option so the player can choose to queue from a battleground locally on the server or through crossrealm, or both.

When I used to join a battleground back in the day, I'd usually be solo queued and either face a random Vashj PuG, premade 'Epic', Verve or in the later days Rubicon, going back to the older times, the Epic mix of players with some other guildnames I can't quite remember the names of all of them. Regardless of if I was in a premade or not, it was a lot more entertaining than the Xrealm days, perhaps nostalgic selective memory plays a part in this, though I still think it was genuinely better, Why? simply because it was satisfying killing Abraham, Gonzo, Thirin, Troj or Draster, we got killed by them alot also, sure, but the point being these are people you know, and have respect or atleast understood who was who on the realm and if they'd be worth prioritising in killing or not, be it for rep or to win you the game.

When I Premade' it with my old Four Seasons mates though, we had IMO one of the best teams of many, some of the best priests in the guild for PvP, our Jing Svindar Silanah are some of the best PvP/PvE healers around, combine this with Los, Ryann Fosters, Yuber, Frein and Bartkn, then throw in a wildcard like Jorl equates to a killer team,. 4s/CNF was so much more than just a guild to me, the players were all very determined and would NEVER go down without a fight, most knew how to PvP to the fullest, had done the rank 14 grinds, losing just wasn't an option, or if it was it wouldn't happen without a fight, though our CNF team was pretty much undefeated for its reign in BG's

I'm sure they'll never implement such a feature to queue vs your own servers opponents again, but I'd love it if they did!

To anyone who put up worthy fights in PvP on vashj back in the day, props to you!

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fosters said...

qft :)

chi said...

bg's were always shit :)

Sobsob said...

Word, loved the days when you could attack somewhere in AB and see someone you knew from the other faction and just dance around or what ever. Blizzard is killing alot of the game :(

Anonymous said...

Imo bring back ur realm only bgs!
u got alot of point in what u say, i had the same experience as u had, but i got to think about the alliance who almost always had 1 hour queues, some realms had it worse then others even, but i sure miss it myself as i was horde :)


Shinatawa said...

NOTHING in this game beat the feeling of jumping into the BG's and facing of with the Vashj horde's in a premade vs premade fight. it was one of the reasons i pvp'ed in the first place. i can still remember blizzard bringing up the server only bg's this one time when Xrealms were down...i think those who participated then had the best night in many.

i guess what im trying to say is that i agree with you :P


Anonymous said...

Rubicon bring back memories, quened for wsg for 35min to see i was facing
Bär with that midget behind her, i ran away and the game was lost in 3 min. Since my team wasn´t the best out there i dont know if i miss it.

Rank 12 ud rogue >deleted<

Bartkn said...

The good old days!

Drifting said...

"Rubicon bring back memories, quened for wsg for 35min to see i was facing
Bär with that midget behind her, i ran away and the game was lost in 3 min. Since my team wasn´t the best out there i dont know if i miss it."

I had some really good FRAPS footage of our CNF team playing Bar's Rubicon team, was really nostalgic, think i've lost it though, i'll try and see if I can dig it up

skane said...

40 min ques and getting farmed by bad premades wasnt my idea of fun... BRM inbetween BGs on the other hand ....

Los said...

You are right again, love.

Hell, I even miss nights at IRC when people got all emo, me included, after premade vs. premade.

Anonymous said...

Yea, wow isnt fun anymore, lets wait till starcraft2 arrives.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Bring Back Server Only BG's

Btw, jsut watched your video, can you post your list of mods you use? I relaly like the button mod, but cant find the name of it

Anonymous said...

;_; give back those days. gonzo-abraham-draster premades vs horde premade.


Turfy said...

Agree. I only got to know a small grp of ppl when I rerolled away from Vashj. I turned 60 only a few weeks before x-realm, so I really wish I had gotten to know the guys from the realm a bit more. Vashj before x-realm was great imo. Even though it we always got our asses kicked in pug's. But WoW was never about winning or getting in standing 5 each week. It was about, and still is, meeting familiar faces and talk about how we kicked each others buts after the fight etc.

Zoz said...

Hehe i have a video of kamiklees hunting me around for a whole AB fight, me kiting finding it totaly funny. That dont happen in cross realms, you need to piss ppl off when grinding to get that treatement

/the bald mage

Nixze said...

I do miss them good old days before cross realm bg cause even if i was against a premade like the original a-team i cud just go find floda or someone and go /wave then they wudnt kill me n i cud have some fun :D
it was also gd fun to run around ab looking for that person to kill cause u met them in world pvp n they ganked u on low hp n u cud get ur revenge :D but that never happend to me i nvr got ganked im to imba

Oozo said...

I'm in total agreement here.

Cross-server BGs ruined all sense of community for the two servers I was active on.

It's just a lot more fun when you know who you are fighting, and by fighting them day-in and day-out you built this sense of mutual respect that you just can't get from the BGs these days.

Community is one of the most important things for a server's health. Medivh used to be the top PvE server in the game.

Our server had the first Ragnaros kill world-wide and several of the first Teir2 and Teir2.5 kills world-wide. We were the first server to open the AQ gates. That is how strong our community was at that time. We all worked together so we could get that done first.

Since then a lot of guilds have transferred off, people have quit. Medivh is now a shell of the server it once was. It's quite amazing actually how much it has fallen.

Yon said...

Oh ye i miss those days. Thing its best time i spend in wow witch those ppl and only well memories of CNFC ppl. Best time in the game. U know who is who.

Rg. Yon