Saturday, 30 June 2007

Making a killer UI

Albis did it in Rage of Angels, i'm still trying to make that perfect UI, i'm not as experienced as he is, I spent long periods of time importing TGA files and making transparency layers for Discord Art, a true gem, I hope they keep this compatible with the latest patches, seems ok so far (barely though) another patch or two and it might be gone, just hope theres an alternative (I heard EEpanels is able to do it) still havent tested it for myself though. If you make a killer UI it gives you that uniqueness that noone else has, it allows you to inject a dose of individuality into your setup, and maybe stand out a bit more, i've got a UI i was working on for a while, although the results arent staggering, they're acceptable i'd say, still not sure if i'm going to use this for future material, or just go with simplistic though. it took a hell of a long time to do for something so small, but the uniqueness is there. Most of the time you spend making these UI's, the beta material isnt even remotely similar to the final product, unless perhaps you have a clear vision of what you want the final product to look like, or if you're very experienced in imagery and image editing. I don't think mixing a futuristic-style look is fitting for any fantasy game, stick to something original to the settings, and take it from there, look for good brushes on the internet, don't go too complex and try to make the interface blend with the images you are importing, this should help, IMO one of the most significant boosts for making good movies is allowing everything to blend with one another, make the audio and video feel like they're one, and make the images you import mix as much as possible with the rest of your UI. I have about 20 betas I made, I don't even know if i'll end up using one for a movie in the future or not, I hope I can come up with something I'm happy with

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