Friday, 29 June 2007

New Drakedog on WCM Now!

Hate him or love him, he's had a huge impact on the WoW community in one way or another. The new Drakedog movie will be on within the next 24hours, and in the "unapproved" movies section within the hour, looking forward to seeing this, be it good or bad, seems to have regained some nice gear so will probably have heavy hits as well as some nice playstyle, I hope so anyway, gonna review it in more detail later, but for now lets wait and see. Probably not the best lock out there, but still something I think will be worth checking out. Interesting how WCM always promote the big names, works well for them though.

They've also branched out to Age of Conan now ( so my prediction of them branching to Warhammer online probably isn't that far fetched, and will more than likely become a reality, the beauty for them is, they can use their existing website layout for the other games, just change the theme and imagery, one thing i noticed though about the sites, to have premium on dosent allow you to be able to have premium on, oh well. Still, this is going to be great for broadening their audience, even if you aren't necessarily a fan of one game, you might still end up watching a movie through their site from another game, its definitely going to broaden their audience and bridge the gap between MMO's, and the movie making community across these MMO's.

I hope WAR will be able to compete with WoW in terms of numbers, anywhere in the same ballpark would be an achievement, even if its not half as many, that'd still be a huge number of people to have in an MMO, I expect it to easily become the 3rd or 2nd most popular MMO for both the general community and the movie making community (Definitely second for movie making community minimum)

Anyway back to Drakedog, I'm looking forward to checking it out when its released, I'm hoping its not gonna be full arena footage and will include some World PvP (wishful thinking I know) - I'll post more info after I've watched it fully though

Many will say "Overrated" "Not that good" etc, but we need names like this to release movies to keep the community going and insurgelife into it, I just hope its good, though

I'm sure you'll see similar posts commenting on this in the next day or two also, but you read it here first!

edit: link here: Drakedog 7

First impressions: Overall a fun and entertaining movie, I liked it. More than I expected. Contains lots of World PvP, Succu setup, looks more like a fire mage than a lock movie tbh, lots of 2v1's throughout the clips, nice crowd control with fear/succubus and some heavy hitting spells. The movie spans back quite a bit with some old footage starting with in standardish gear at the time (though its older footage, and opponents not much better/worse) progressing onwards as he gets more EQ. quite nice editing, has some cutscenes with comic-style editing and 'paper' moving, adds character and style to the movie. One thing I also like about a lot of the more recent movies is the idea of including the tracklisting in the actual movie itself, rather than the credits or the movie description on, integrate it when each new song kicks in, adds to the flavor of the clip. Overall I liked it, like I said i'm glad he decided not to go with the typical soullink or heavy demo, succu pet is definetly an entertaining/chaotic route to take, this movie, even though the sevemth in his series, does not dissapoint. I'd say its worth checking out, keep up the good work!


Tea said...

I just watched it and i loooveeeeddd it! He has one of the best playstyles of any WoW vid thats been released. Everything he casts and does just flows so smooth.

Kzn said...

a very entertaining movie, although the 5v5 was laughably bad.

Abe said...

Loved the movie...

Looking foward to the next one!