Friday, 15 June 2007

Nearing 75k banked (+5k) & Community News

I will probably go on PTR tomorrow, for anyone interested (PvP). Will also have a look at our new girly-looking arena set.. bah... I still need honor though, and even for someone like me, i'm not playing as much atm, getting 75k banked is quite tedious, 61k... 14k to go in a few days, doubt I can do it, I got a game of football on sunday too, so getting it before tuesday off AV alone might be tough. I regret spending honor on the +10 spell crit rating gem, that dragged me down alot (these days it'd take me ages to bank up that much)

I still havent decided what I will spend my Arena points on next week, since I'm lacking resilience on my pants and wand, that may be something to consider starting with, although im not 100% yet.

BTW, some advice though I wouldnt recommend everyon doing it, you are entitled to get 1 refund per character, be it accidental or *cough* deliberate. So if you havent got 5k banked and want a refund, a GM can do it if you word it right. I *accidentally* bought Gladiator Pants and got a refund for those.

On another note, I'm trying to start a little project going by attempting to link together all the community blogsites, I'm doing the rounds by emailing a lot of the big-name blogsites and requesting if they can link to one another, it would make it alot easier for the new reader to be able to check out all the different offerings available to them, at first I only knew of one or two decent sites, now I check out around 10-20, and i'm sure theres plenty more that I don't even know about. So if you are in the group of WoW/Blizzard related blogs, feel free to contact me and let me know, i'll add you to the list!

Thanks to Oozo for setting the ball rolling, i've also emailed Radikal and Dahis. Havent bothered with Ming as getting a response out of him is almost impossible - maybe I'll try another time shortly

If you havent seen those links already, I advise you check them out, some of the other peoples blogsites are really good. If anyone on Vashj is thinking of doing similar, then let me know and I'll check you out too


Anonymous said...

too bad i wont be able to do the refund trick cause i already did it like 2 months ago >_<


Anonymous said...

Getting people to link to each other would be a huge improvement. Thanks for putting forth the effort!