Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Did you bank 75k? Get that PvP trinket binded!

Just a quick one as its late. Well I banked only 69k honor, I wasnt on as much as i'd hoped. I'll probably get some more honor tomorrow if I have the time. Not sure when my Arena team will be playing, more than likely late during the week, hopefully we can climb some rating then and get some good games in for the new season.

Also, I will indeed be going Shoulder, Legs and Wand like I said. I need a better bind for my PvP trinket come patch, i'm not gonna lie I was never an avid user of the 2minute trinket, although I really should have, I opted for the spell haste one instead, anyway, it would be insane not to go 2min pvp trinket this time round, so I need to find a comfortable key, I'm pretty much full atm

If you didnt see already
"With the large amount of players wanting to get a glimpse of the Season 2 rewards we're temporarily adding the Arena Season 2 item vendor, Krixel Pinchwhistle, to the Alliance barracks in Stormwind "Champion's Hall", Horde barracks in Orgrimmar "Hall of Legends", and outside of the Blade's Edge Arena."

As a sidenote, bear with me on the layout, I was experimenting with a 3 column layout through blogspot, but I think i'll end up reverting back to the original at some point tomorrow, do you think its better or worse now? :P


Artanias said...

Nothing wrong with the layout of your blog really, i quiet like it :)

personally i use shift+G for my pvp trinket. how could you go without the 2 min pvp trinket for so long ? i went and got it quiet fast, a 2 min CD and on top its got resilience! i find myself blowing my trinket quiet often to break a fear instead of Wotf since it's off the GCD, which then bites me in the ass later as a warrior runs up and hamstrings me lol

Bart said...

Well, pvp trinket really dispells all now, so no more fun with frost trap :<, on the other hand, fear won't let me run around like some jackass anymore. HF shopping today, you know if war elekks/Belf mounts will show up?

Anonymous said...

not really, and i dont want it either, that belf mount aint really cool looking.... rather... ugly... but thats just me :)

Anonymous said...

above was me Artanias ^^

dunno why says invalid password when i try to log on :S

Oozo said...

You probably already have WoTF bound. Just make this macro and put it in it's place.

/cast will of the forsaken
/use 13

13 for top trinket slot
14 for bottom trinket slot

This should prioritize. That is, if you are feared and WoTF is up it will use WOTF instead of the trinket. If you get sapped or blinded it will use the trinket no matter if WoTF is up or not.

The only thing you have to be careful about is if you spam buttons, because if you hit it twice it will use up both WoTF and the trinket. Only hit it once, and it should always do the correct thing depending on what is up.

Now, things might have changed with the latest patch. So it needs to be retested. I did work perfectly for blind and sap. The trinket got used independently of whether WoTF was up or down.

Just need someone to check fear like conditions to make sure it fires WoTF and not the trinket if both are up, and fires the trinket if WoTF is not up.

Remember, only hit the hotkey once. :)

Anonymous said...

itll be interesting to see how the pvp trinket changes effect class balance

Drifting said...

Thanks Oozo, I was thinking of something like that, but didnt know if there was a macro for it, Never got round to checking wikiappreciated!