Monday, 18 June 2007

Calling out the Vashj / Local community & More - PT II

My Wishlist of Movie Makers, Likes and Dislikes

Before I start, may I just say that some people have been intentionally/unintentionally stealing my ideas and thoughts. I had the movie making idea rundown in my head about a week before Ming made a post about the rogue and his "most entertaining TBC video yet", I was also thinking about mentioning why movie making criticism should be taken in a positive way and should be the main driving force in how to improve yourself as a player a while before, like I mention later in this post. Anyways!

I really want to get more people movie making in the local community, I also want to encourage new movie makers to have a go at making something even if they are hesitant. At some point in time i'd really like to take my time in writing a guide with some hints and tips for new moviemakers. So now its time for the Vashj players whom I think are worth calling out for one reason or another, be it for the content of a current movie they've done, or a request for them to make something.

Vashj honorable mentions - I'll list some Vashj names that I think are worth a watch, or ones that would be worth a watch if they put out a movie in the future. Stars are the one to look out for

Sypher, Creato, Yuber, Jorl, Ambergo, Trotanoob, Kamiklees, Atec, Whisper, Lubbo, Thirin, Konaz, Chidorii, Bartkn

* Sypher (James) you did a good movie, props for it. it was actually one of my favorites from all Vashj videos. Great example of how to make an exciting movie through the use of good music and playstyle combined. One thing I'd like to see in your next movie though, is a better introduction, or a more story-based one, other than that, great job. Maybe we'll play in the same Arena team in Season 2

Creato you did a nice job, you improved allot towards the end, though you always have something annoying about your movies that stops them from being great (too much panning and cropping in the first) or speeded up TOO fast for the ENTIRE duration of the second movie

Frein - You are a good warrior, with one of the best reputations on the server, however your inability to make an entertaining movie is pulling you down and I think you need to work on this. Make something that the people want to see, No one wants to hear that music in a video, and step up the pace a bit, don't take this as a diss, rather some constructive criticism! Also to quote "When (if) I make another movie, it will probably be strictly arena PVP because it hasn't been done as much and it gives a better view on good players versus good players combat." - It has been done heavily actually, and will continue to be done much more than World PvP, its the easy route to take, but each to their own

Yuber, why didn't you make a movie? It could have been awesome. You were one of the best rogues and you had R14 and awesome gear for a long time, a wasted opportunity by not putting anything out, make something on your druid! Everyone knows your a good player, so why not show them what you are truly capable of?

* Jorl still needs to make a movie imo. Undoubtedly the best mage on Vashj and one of the first too.
Also an awesome guy to talk to, knows everything that needs to be known, and unlike Chrynarx, who only talks the talk,, Jorl also walks the walk. So oldschool that most players don't even know who he is because they weren't playing when he was around.

Kamiklees - Stop being lazy and wake up at the right time of day, set out to make something really good, you have the experience with both your character and video editing to be able to put something out thats potentially great, so why not do so? Put your bubble where your mouth is! Also i've heard a lot of people claiming Hubris is a better paladin than you, whats all that about, I thought you were the best Paladin on Vashj?

Thirin - You're one of those rogues that I always mess up on badly if i find you in world PvP, props for having that effect one someone, regardless of this though, I know you're a great player generally speaking, you have been that class for a long time, yet you seem obsessed with taking those PvE "epix" from 24/7 farming in a guild full of PvE clicking peasants in Forte, and you've done it ever since you left Epic. Why not go for the fame or do something thats worthy rather than wasting your life in repetitive instances banking DKP? You know you want to

Konaz - A really good & slightly insane player, it doesnt matter what class you play, you know he'll master it and be one of the best, since you love to PvP, a movie should have gone hand in hand with you & WoW, so pick one of your 5 level 70's and make a movie with it :)

I would recommend anyone from the local community to start making PvP movies, especially if you are interested in the whole idea of doing so, always aim to improve with each movie you release and learn from your mistakes, through trial and error... Don't see peoples negative responses as a personal attack on yourself or your playstyle, see it as ways to make improvements and better yourself as a player and movie maker. If you'd like any advise on movie making, please feel free to ask me through comments or other forms of contact, I'm not sayingim master, far from it, but I'll try and assist if you want any advise


Skane said...

the trouble with pvp videos imo is its hard to find a balance between entertainment and skill, an example of this is when you play rogue vs warrior (geared ofc) you just cant stunlock that down, you win with the deazone kite .. probably the hardest skill for a rogue to master, this shows skill on behalf of the rogue, but is it entertaining for the viewer to watch? ... no . and a scene like this would take 2 long to fit in a pure entertainment movie

Skane said...

on the other end of the scale you got the rogues who film thenselves 2shotting undergeared scrubs, entertaining? maybe .. skillfull? .. no


Anonymous said...

idd with most, what about aedrie that paladin? she also did a gud movie

Anonymous said...

I'm the best mage kk?

/ Snipe

Anonymous said...

"I'm the best mage kk?

/ Snipe"

yes, you are.

But not nearly as good as the mighty warrior that is Glennis!

Nixze said...

I wish there was rewards for doing world pvp different to honourable kills just to bring world pvp back because watching movies of people fighting in arenas tbh is just a bore.
With world pvp fights like the good old days you could get very entertaining scenes of the enemy doing stupid things because there not prepared and also when others turn up making you have to think on your feet fast no one is prepared in WPvP.
Outland really sux for world pvp bring back BRM and WPL and EPL. TM and SS fights were the best
A good pvp movie i believe has a skilled player but who makes the occasional mistakes but makes up for it and still comes out on top against 1 to 3 people.
Good music also helps

Anonymous said...

Aedires pvp move was 6hrs of Dueling.... yawn..

Yuber didnt make a movie, since his pc couldnt run right with wow and fraps. They would have been awsome. <3 YubYub

freins movies, Top quality av, the UI lets it down, for the person watching it, ofc its what frein like and use's for himself. Over used music imo. same style as every other warrior music. Some of which was use back in "pat" movie. IMO for better looking movie, revamp UI and music for the person watching.

Sypher (james) first video was before my time, but was good to watch, the 2nd was the best warrior movie to come outta Vashj. right lenght style and music to suit his char, play style and reputation. pity he sold.

Kami, is just a lazy cunt... i have his into on my pc still, but just lazy cunt :P he knows it. His movie would have been top quality but the thing i personally think would let it down would be his over modded UI which he thinks is "imba".

IMO Hoken should be added to this list, his movies where a good balance of bg/world pvp on vashj.. good quality good length and good content.



Anonymous said...

What about Tossbag? :D

Anonymous said...

Originally linked here by a friend and I stumbled on this post. I don't know much about Vashj and all that, but you scrubs honestly need to stop making movies just for the hell of it. A movie should be saved for something special, real skills. That means either 2-3v1s in "normal" pvp and 1v1 vs top geared opponents.

All the other movies are terribad and aren't worth filefront's bandwidth.

Los said...

"A movie should be saved for something special, real skills."

Wrong. Movies are about entertaining. Some movies are nice to watch cos of playing skills, some due quality of music,editing or story.

And if person wants to make movie, then he makes. Sure he'll get negative feedback, but it's still his movie.

As long as person doesn't brag about his skills *coughaedakcough*, all movies are welcome.

On Vashj-movies, Frein's movies are more towards warriors; one who plays warrior sees the right decisions, even if it's not 'exciting'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Dj, just browsing your sight. I've staring filimin my new movie. Gonna break it in thought with a couple of teaser trailors and hopefully an excellent finished product. Playing on Magtheridon at the mo with my warrior. Be back on vashj in Due Time. Cheers.

P.s Loved the Movie Man

Sypher said...

i R Tard. Forgot to mention it was me.

Eyetoyo said...

Here is Kamiklees his PvP movie ;)

Anonymous said...

Hokan have made some of the best movies from Vashj, and rarely gets credit for it. For the local community-value, I think Flodas movies was quite good to, teasing and spiced with some inside-jokes only people from Vashj would get.

Being one of the few left from the NtD and Highwind-time, I think its a pity that Jorl haven't made a movie but its his choice after all.

Now, since I can't be arsed to play on my rogue I can either record me healing Durion in AB soaking up honor, or specc ret and get raped, hard and brutal... Nah I think im gonna leave moviemaking to those with the right classes and specc, and most of all interest.

GL and HF making us some new local community-movies, its needed : )


Anonymous said...

Yuber is a warlock not a rogue.