Thursday, 20 December 2007

Just blitzd 5v5

we just blitzed +150 points the last week in 5v5, probably won't last though, up to 1985 with our mage/mage/shadowpriest/warrior/pala setup

at start was a bit yoyo, as was all teams with high rated at 1500 and everyone mixing it up so rating was haywire, we stabalised at 1857 last week, i got s3 weapon (im going spelldmg/stamina) and ignoring crit for the most part, I was dual specced 17/0/44 with another mage frost but ive gone back to elemental and it seems to be working quite well for the time being atleast. They would always go for the shadowpriest but since I respecced ele if i pop combustion at the start it gives them some slight confusion and I think some teams think i'm fire, so the shadowpriest in our team isnt always the obvious target for them to go for.

This week we went a real cool 10-0, which we didnt expect as we just wanted 10 games for the week, with it being the xmas seasons blabla and all we didnt think we'd be able to scrape up people this week but we did nontheless

around 6 of the games we played lock/priest/pala/shaman/warr. The first one was 4 rogues and a pala and some of the others were hunter/priest/pala/lock/warr

It wasnt a no-brainer win streak either, this team washed us last week and we gained +20 in the first game(s) against them, we were on the ball this week, would be nice if it lasted longer. This team was sitting 23rd in battlegroup to our 44th (see )

Our team got a big boost tho, tankster s3 weapon, jorl pants, and myself weapon (i wanted staff but can't be arsed banking for another week)

i lost some motivation before today and was getting a bit bored, was thinking about waiting till the next xp before going hard for a week or so, but today gave some willpower and ideas in my head. Trying to make a habit of going out on a weekly basis tho which will hurt both the pocket and the brain


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Dude you need a pvp vid :(

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Where are you from again Drifting?

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