Tuesday, 20 November 2007

What's happening?

I guess I should update this more often, i've been slacking a bit really, not updated in a while and been taking it easy in the game, im in it for the marathon not the 100m sprint afterall, 2.3 has came and i've not respecced from elemental despite frost being the optimal spec for the last 6-8 months indefinetly, I really don't get any buzz out of it hence the lack of respec, 5v5 has been soso, nothing special rating wise, we are slipping cause we havent got the drive as we had before, I was hoping 2.3 would bring s3 around the corner, but since thats been put back theres not much driving me to play for long durations, so as for now, same old same old

On the other hand I went to see 50 last week, was fucking awesome, wayyyyyy better than any of my expectations. Don't care what some people think of him, but live the atmosphere and crowd is simply awesome, ever since I misssed Jay in 2003 i've regretted not going to big concerts like this, so when the opportunity arose to see 50 at the Manchester M.E.N this month, i bounced on the opportunity. Me and 2 mates went. I payed for all 3 tickets (am i mad, ha?)


Gravemind said...

Hey drift, I completely understand why you have no drive to play WoW anymore, Since TBC came out I think the game has got from good to bad tbh. Yes I was excited over TBC comming out and it was something different but you just cant beat killing c'thun for the first time or killing those dam bastards twin emps. My main pre-tbc was a 60 warrior, She was well geared and back then I had a real happyness to play the game which was lost when TBC came out, Do you feel the same drift? the fact that there just not that sence of excitement or team work anymore.

The point im trying to get at is that I have re-rolled to a bloodelf paladin (They look so gay :S) and tbh the game is just shit. I thought trying a new class and changing servers completely would bring the game back to life for me but it hasn't.

I have the greatest respect for u drifting and your a fantastic mage and know your class extremely well. I think all your videos are fantastic but nothing can beat ur original PvP movie when you hit rank 14 :) Brilliant.

It be great if u can reply back to this if you got time but I understand if you dont. Cya around and good luck in whatever u decided to do whether thats playing WoW or doing something else :).

P.S. In "Drifting PvP 3 - TBC" what is the song you use at about 5:00 or just over, think its the third song you used, really anoying dont know what its called.

Laters Drifting


Gravemind said...

Got the song drift, No worries :)