Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sports & randoms

Offtopic somewhat;

First off, I'd like to say big big congrats to Kimi Raikkonen for winning the drivers championship, despite him having some extreme bad luck and reliability issues throughout the year, he finally overcame it all and had some luck himself when Lewis Hamilton finally had a bad race and I can't think of anyone more deserving than him to get the drivers, despite myself being british i'm not one to support one just because they are of the same nationality as myself, I find it quite stereotypical and stupid to just support someone based on their nationality, i'll support and follow people whom I chose to without being fickle enough to make my choices based on someones nationality - something of which is not chosen by the individual in the first place - a very invalid source

Second, I doubt i'll be doing arena till the next weekly reset (wednesday) since i'm too bored to yoyo rating now that i have more than enough banked and my minds in another place at the moment, 2006 will do for now. Although blizz havent been sticking to their fortnightly non-resets so if I was to be optimistic and say we'd go on tues night i think it'd be very unlikely, plus the fact its gonna be late till the reset so there will more than likely be some offliners in the team at that time anyway

Badge farming? I really can't be bothered farming in prep for 2.3, though I should, its just too much of a drag right now.. if there was guilds on Vashj making BT progress then maybe i'd buy some amethysts also, tho there is only 2 atm..

Ive got some nice plans for the upcoming weeks so ill try and keep posted

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Anonymous said...

let's talk about the eurocup. in group E Croatien and Russland will qualify to the final tournament. srly.