Friday, 26 October 2007

2060, 9-1 arena this week, name back soon

We went 9-1 in arena on first day, wasnt really trying, we messed up 1 game we shouldve won, the shittiest arena of them all, blades edge, enemy hunter trapped in middle and one of sheeped targets wasnt sheepable as he was outta LOS and wasnt sheepable for a looooong time, not planned by them just luck introduced namechanging, so I will go back to my original name when its implemented for EU, awesome news for alot of people, also will bring new possibilities - for both good and bad reasons, you will get posers and fakers who renamed themselves, very interesting, only way of pairing up is checking the chars facial styles etc, perhaps thatll be changable soon too tho?

Might go some more arena games, good enough as-is for now, played em for fun anyway, since im 5k/75k banked

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