Thursday, 26 July 2007

Starcraft 2 goodness! Terran SS leaks!

A German magazine called GameStar has gotten a preview of the Terran (They actually played against the Swedish magazine that had the Terran update previously). They have released some new information, screenshots and more. Below is a rough text and most important information from the articles. We will try and get full translations and scans later.

View Released Details or Interview with Dustin Browder. You can also see a new screenshot of two Thors and some Banshees below.

Progress according to GameStar: 30%
Protoss are full playable, the core of Terran is finished and there are several terrain graphics. The story is there and for sure secret.

To do: Balancing, Campaign, Battle-net, Zerg (Alleged there are only 2 units, Mutalisk and Zergling), AI, sounds, effects, textures, menu and so on.

Note: Some of this may not be fact, expect a more detailed update soon.


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