Sunday, 29 July 2007

blablabla bla!

I've taken a break from World of Warcraft for now indefinetly, dunno if and when i'll be back. Started doing some more overtime at work and some other RL things. badminton was a blast and so was going out on friday night, the only problem was finding a way home, spent about an hour trying to sort that then finally ended up getting a lift, didn't get back in till 2-3 am.. then had a constant ringing in my ears so I was unable to fall asleep till like 6am, theres lots of things i've been doing, changed diet slightly, dunno if i'll stick with it but like I said so far so good, walked home a few times also which was blatantly alot quicker than I used to be. Ended up taking me around 48 minutes to walk a good 5-6 miles, part jog part walk, wouldve normally taken me around 1 hour 10 when strolling...

Oh and I am generally happier after making the decision ;]

Starcraft 2 at blizzcon soon, can't wait to see what other information they give us. I really hope it is indeed SC2 Beta keys they're going to dish out, don't get me wrong i'd love a diablo 3 surprise announcement but I can't see it being anything less time consuming than current WoW MMO style of play, which isnt exactly what I want or need at the moment. I'm hoping Snowflake entertainment will be able to put out a demo or atleast an alpha version of their suite several months before the official SC2 comes out, that will be a great bridge to fill while waiting for the title in the meantime. Starcraft 2 is a great middleground for playing a game in moderation, and i'm not just saying this to suit my argument, will still keep you compelled but at the same time won't require me to play 24/7. Plus the small fact i'm an avid fan and have been playing since the day the game was out!

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Anonymous said...

Indeed gief DIablo 3, but just waiting for Darkfall online atm:)