Monday, 2 July 2007

How to create a Standout Movie?

Lots of people, bignames included, can make the best of movies, what makes them truly unique? Several factors, obviously uniqueness, doing something that is specific to yourself, something thats not been done before and gives it that extra wow factor, its easy (and extremely tempting) to go with the commonly used music that already making the rounds through WCM, like I said, I'm a victim of doing this myself, to give a movie uniqueness is equally as important in the audio department as it is the video department, in fact, I recently read a study that was claiming in the modern entertainment world, when watching footage for entertainment purposes, the audio has a 75% impact in how the user reacts to what he's seeing and hearing, thats staggeringly high percentage, I don't know how true it is, but it definitely plays a large part in what separates a good movie from a bad one, even if its not about the music, you know it matters.

Whats more impressive though, is when the individual has the power to manipulate if the viewer likes or dislikes the audio based on the visual content of the movie, they do indeed go hand in hand, its all about making both aspects blend together as best you can to bring something truly entertaining to the table. There are still big names on WCM (Drakedog, Grim, Vurtne, etcetc) just naming the tip of the iceberg here, what allot of these people are, are guilty of neglecting the audio aspect of the movies, its oh so tempting to take the easy route, however it could add so much more uniqueness to hunt deeper and take abstract cuts, that none else has used, this will be sure to give your clip a completely different flavor, why sell salt & vinager crisps in a crowded market when you offer a completely new taste that noone has experienced before, a small analogy, but you get the point.

If you want to survive in the world of not making-repetitive movies, I guess you should always bring something new to the table, and rightfully so, be it a obscure spec, different playstyle, or alternative approach in audio and perhaps visual, to give it the biggest hit, I believe a unique approach to all of these I mentioned would have the biggest impact, doing this however, is indeed easier said than done!


Thomas Engelke said...

Ever seen the mage videos of "Unknown"? He's a visual and audio mastermind, but overall just a normal player. Check him out and be stunned.

ezesion said...

About that the audio has a 75% impact in how the user reacts. Yes it's true, but that's also different in "real" movies. If you watch a "real life" movie from more than 20 years back, you'll notice well how audio has improved, and how much it really matters. The same thing you can see in movies made without ingame sound recorded, and movies with ingame sound recorded. Those with ingame sound usually makes a better impression. The class playing also matters if ingame sound is necessary to achieve best possible. result. In my opinion melee classes needs it more.

Though, what I wanted to say; 75 percent is correct. But I don't believe it makes 75 percent of the impression in a WoW movie. Yet, the better sound the better movie. Dementiastudio/myndflame's movies are great example of movies with good edited sounds (aswell as nice quality comes along with good acting).

Ustabil said...

Talking about music.. you should watch Hector's movies, the music is very unique in those. :)

Anyways, "the audio has a 75% impact in how the user reacts to what he's seeing and hearing" is very true imo, if i dont like the music, i dont watch the movie.. Unless the movie is extremly well made and very unique ( like Baronsoosdons's Unlimted Escapism movies.