Saturday, 21 July 2007

Damn Windows Vista...

Well I just spent most of the day reformatting and reinstalling apps after Vista gave me a error with the boot partition (couldnt fix it through a repair) so I decided to do a lot of faffing and revert back to XP since Vista is generally annoying. I have the thought in the back of my head that a SP or 2 along the road Vista will end up being good, but for the time being i'll stick with XP for atleast the next few months, im sick of the slow transfer speeds between drives, UAC which can be disabled but is annoying, and 64bit Vista gives you the BSOD if ANY drivers arent digitally signed (how shitty is that?) so I havent got a single piece of footage yet, nice huh? sometimes the prospect seems so great I think about not carrying it through, theres no point in putting out something inferior to your last so the stakes are high, what to do? Carry on playing or quit the game, quitting would be the easy route sooooo i'm sure i'll perceveer and find something constructive and inspirational to help me make a start..!

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