Friday, 20 July 2007

Are you doing the daily quests?

So I finally got my daily quests sorted, a long time delayed since I hardly ever bother questing/grinding or moneymaking (ingame) I decided it was about time I got my act together and started getting "attuned" to the daily quests, well what can I say, I was never a huge fan of questing, but it blatantly owns the shit out of grinding, 150-200gold in an hour or two and i'm not exactly the best at questing is so much better than anything that grinding offers. I hate spending hours of mindlessly obtaining gold in the game, it feels like you're watching your life flash before your eyes, but still, I got a nice amount yesterday from Blades edge, this will sort me for some enchants and 12 stamina gems, damn though, I wish i'd have started doing the dailys when Jorl told me to


Anonymous said...

Any chance you have found a walkthrough or getting started guide somewhere? I found one quest, but couldn't figure out where to drop the bombs, so I went back to PvP'ing.

Anonymous said...

top of the towers on the eggs all around the quest giver.