Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Movie just hit 90k, also some IRL thing i've been dealing with

First off i'd like to say thanks to everyone for the comments on the movie, it just hit 90k, and maybe 100k in another week or two

Now for the not so good news, sorry I have not been online for a bit. had a bit of a gap due to RL animal issues. my Cat has been to the vets and has a lump in his bowls. was initially quoted 900 pounds for his operation, hoping he can have it removed successfully without any problems. Once this audeal is over for me I am probably going to start up again, for the time being i am not going to be getting any footage for atleast the next few weeks. If anyone feels like contributing to the cause then I have a donate button on the top right of the website. Not expecting anything but every little helps towards my fellow (he is a 12 year old cross tabbie) name Dizzee and otherwise healthy. I will post your name if you can contribute anything.

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