Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Back in the 'Hall Of Fame' !

Just from a sentimental standpoint, it is cool being back here, as i said personally had a goal of around 40k total for this movie, and somehow its done 50k in 2 days! as it is a Pandaria movie, I now qualify again for the WCM hall of fame, thanks for all the comments on the video!

May have a login again after a small exercise after. As i have tomorrow off, I would like to keep active in the game and see if I can get the enthusiasm to do some more in it... As old time player I can say that one of my inspirations when it came to moviemaking was always a certain someone, I would recomend checking out 'Albis' for anyone who hasnt already. As i was making movies around the same time as him, it would be great to get back close to him in the hall of fame. He hasnt logged in for over a year. Anyone know what he's upto?

If you can't see any of his vids on WCM. I have also uploaded some on to youtube. Alot of people may not appreciate the style, but he was way ahead of his time considering some of the footage was being made in 05/06...

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