Sunday, 4 November 2007

Update 12

I havent been on much the last few days. I spent a hefty 2.4k on 6 Shadowsong Amethysts in prep for 2.3, I havent been bothered to gather much more tokens from heroics, thought I should really.

I did some football today, felt good to get some free exersice, its hard to stay in shape when you are playing WoW at the same time :P - my definition of staying in shape is basically not gaining any weight whilst existing, maintaining a healthy diet would also benefit aswell, though easier said than done

If anyone needs extreme low cost G and is on Vashj Horde side, let me know. I'm thinking of brewing something up

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Archmage said...

hey drifting im a frost undead mage 17/0/44 spec and i plan to stay that way because i like the playstyle. I love your movies and i read ur site often. I just got a quick question for you....

Quagmirran's Eye the trink that gives +dmg and chance to inc haste worth it? I have the icon and insignia of the horde but i need your opinion...

THanks man!,